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so that part with lucious fox being told that the batwings had the autopilot fixed was not implying anything..?

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i just hate with a passion that cartoon network is doing their best to make this show get cancelled. now that we've gotten three episodes in since the three month break, it's supposedly not going to air any new episodes until january. that channel has become utter garbage in the past 7 or so years. it's dumb that it started premiering in january 2011 and we're not even halfway through the second season.

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@doordoor123: that's not true. he even said in a interview a few months ago that The Blacklist sets up a crossroads and they will get into even grittier stuff. it's all here see,

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wow, this may actually make superman interesting for the first time ever.

however, i really don't want him leaving any of the books he's been doing amazing on (aka all of them) for this.

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@k4tzm4n: that kicked ass.

this actually has me excited. come to think of it, he has been losing that can-do spider-man attitude of yore over the past few years. he's lost all patience with his asshole villains that have become more dangerous and threatening on a grander scale. osborn and octavius had the world in the palm of their hand on separate occasions in recent years. people have been dying in more brutal, senseless ways (not in an ultimatum, stop-it-loeb sort of way) and his last crusade of no one dying on his watch is definitely taking its toll. if he goes full wolverine on his enemies that's going to really change the game. safe to say that slott has definitely proven himself as the de facto spider-man writer like snyder is to batman.

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i love the fact they're bringing back Young Avengers after a far too long hiatus, but i am confused about a few things. mainly about why noh-var, an ex-avenger, and traitor, would be brought on a team full of teens? loki i get, ms america i just hope is interesting, and kate bishop i guess will be pulling double-time between this and hawkeye. otherwise the only thing left to say is i hope we get the rest of the team we all know.

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the animation looks so cheap and crappy. also, make a storyline that will be interesting and with villains that won't translate well on the big screen.

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i wish they would just bring back the young avengers or even the young x-men team (hellion, surge and all the ones who aren't dead) into a new monthly.

if anything maybe this deals with the brand new mutants being born now?

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fuck lobdell. hack of a writer.

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after reading the red hood issue and hating it at first and taking time to think, i've come to the conclusion that not only would it make sense for joker to know who batman is, but it would make their dynamic more interesting. think about it; batman, the world's greatest detective, can't for the life of him figure out who the joker really is. there are some ideas but nothing really confirmed. yet the joker knows his identity. people keep saying the joker doesn't care and i think that's completely right. joker knows people very well, he gets inside their head quite effectively. he understands that batman is batman and that bruce wayne is the identity. that if he only lost all of his sanity, he'd wear the costume all the time. this is probably how the joker feels, that whatever his identity was prior was just a false identity and that the joker is his true name and title.

just a thought.