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so no more spider-man in FF anymore? i liked the dynamic between him and the family. this just doesn't sound good at all. and this miss thing idea sounds terrible

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why does dr nemesis need a costume? he's always been very behind the scenes. and it looks ridiculous.

why are they being announced as deadly? that's dumb. also, why would they be hunted by the avengers especially since half the time is comprised of mutants?

don't ruin x-force's name after it's been so good these past few years.

however, the new costume for colossus and his placement on this team are pretty cool.

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@CapFanboy: what made you land on that combination?

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what took away from this, and it had the potential to be really poetic and terrific, was the fact xavier died a few years ago at the end of messiah complex. granted they brought him back a few weeks later saying he never died blah blah, but unless he stays uncle ben style dead (which is massively doubtful) then this meant the same as his previous death; nothing.

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THEY HAVE CANNONBALL?! that's awesome, this book looks pretty good. i can't be too sure who the fire guy is (there a re a lot who end up looking like that) are that one in the way back on the cover with cap but that's a crazy cool team with only two that i don't get (hulk and falcon).

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i saw some people put up x-factor investigations and i have to say, that could work really well, pre-havok and polaris though. all their powers could be translatable for a tv show. M and Strong Guy would be a little troubling but i definitely could see them getting around it.

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this whole tim drake not being robin crap isn't cool. not even a little bit. the best robin was never robin? lame!

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awesome article.

i hope you're right that EVA somehow brings fantomex back because i don't know, first danger and now this? i'm just not that interested in a character that's going to have that whole robot-trying-to-understand-humans thing. fantomex really surprised me in x-force by how captivating he could be.

i also completely agree in that evan should stay the course and become a hero.

the apocalypse story has been done to death at this point. that's why the whole archangel basically becoming apocalypse idea was so good and made a ton of sense. deep within him was a piece of apocalypse, or at least what apocalypse was, during archangel's inception. though he shares the same DNA as apocalypse, genesis doesn't have to follow the same path because why would he other than he has been lied to? was it manipulative, sure. but the overall reasoning was good. apocalypse never had an upbringing that was nurturing. granted, he was born during the time of pharaohs and ancient egypt, but still he grew up wanting to be a ruler and a savior with a messiah complex. genesis got shown someone could care. he's been having trouble at the school, but some are willing to play nice. the x-men have had some truly powerful mutants on their team, but the idea of genesis having the kind of power as the person he was cloned from is too interesting of a concept to pass up.

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the coulson turning into vision thing won't happen because clark gregg has stressed that he hates that idea.

i would like to see Ultron as the villain but that seems like a lot to shoehorn into one movie, considering he is one of their best villains.

as for who i'd like to see added; definitely ant-man (hank pym because that makes more sense than anyone else), wasp, black panther and if they could squeeze in ms. marvel i think that'd be great.

no more hulks, that's just chaos. falcon i hate the idea of being in it considering he's just one of the worst heroes ever created.

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i do the same with putting off the ending to things, too!

the tv show and game idea is awesome. as long as it stays strictly tied to being comic-oriented tv shows and games.