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awesome article.

i hope you're right that EVA somehow brings fantomex back because i don't know, first danger and now this? i'm just not that interested in a character that's going to have that whole robot-trying-to-understand-humans thing. fantomex really surprised me in x-force by how captivating he could be.

i also completely agree in that evan should stay the course and become a hero.

the apocalypse story has been done to death at this point. that's why the whole archangel basically becoming apocalypse idea was so good and made a ton of sense. deep within him was a piece of apocalypse, or at least what apocalypse was, during archangel's inception. though he shares the same DNA as apocalypse, genesis doesn't have to follow the same path because why would he other than he has been lied to? was it manipulative, sure. but the overall reasoning was good. apocalypse never had an upbringing that was nurturing. granted, he was born during the time of pharaohs and ancient egypt, but still he grew up wanting to be a ruler and a savior with a messiah complex. genesis got shown someone could care. he's been having trouble at the school, but some are willing to play nice. the x-men have had some truly powerful mutants on their team, but the idea of genesis having the kind of power as the person he was cloned from is too interesting of a concept to pass up.

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the coulson turning into vision thing won't happen because clark gregg has stressed that he hates that idea.

i would like to see Ultron as the villain but that seems like a lot to shoehorn into one movie, considering he is one of their best villains.

as for who i'd like to see added; definitely ant-man (hank pym because that makes more sense than anyone else), wasp, black panther and if they could squeeze in ms. marvel i think that'd be great.

no more hulks, that's just chaos. falcon i hate the idea of being in it considering he's just one of the worst heroes ever created.

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i do the same with putting off the ending to things, too!

the tv show and game idea is awesome. as long as it stays strictly tied to being comic-oriented tv shows and games.

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wait, is greg capullo(sp?) leaving the series?

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i'm real curious about the Extended teaser. i see a lot of people are crying out for that being FF or something related but i would imagine Family would be the clear hint toward that. my guess is, since they haven't announced who is the new team behind it yet, it is ASM. i hope not because although i love allred, fraction i just don't see capturing spider-man too well.

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just as long as there aren't anymore villains who keep repeating the same stupid shit.

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the way i read it was that warner were the ones that wanted dicaprio for riddler. yeah, it's hard to follow up ledger's joker with riddler. even if they had gone with arkham city's riddler which was just outstanding.

i wish they would make a young avengers show or animated film, especially if it was handled right. however, they probably wouldn't because some jerks out there would make a fuss about wiccan and hulkling or something.

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i can't remember when the exact issue was, or even the numbering, but in an issue from not too long ago in Amazing Spider-Man that Deadpool is in actually had me laughing quite a bit. I want to say it was around the time of The Gauntlet but i'm not too sure, but that's a fantastic Deadpool read, especially his insult fight with Spider-Man.

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this doesn't sound...great. i know i wrote something a while back how marvel could benefit from a reboot, but this is incredibly unclear. one book sounds like it'll have way too many characters and they're calling it a team book instead of an anthology. the other sounds complicated in that they're bringing the original five x-men back? why. that's terrible. they need to stop starting avengers books over and narrow down those books to two manageable titles at most. this whole everyone looks edgy feel to it where iron man switches out red for black, cyclops looks like that, the hulk wears armor (planet hulk was different), thor has swords now, i can't tell if cap has a gun but he definitely looks exactly like his ultimates counter-part, as does nick fury who i guess they just killed their original character to oppeal to the occasional reader who may or may not pick up a book depending on how they feel after any of the movies, it's just all kind of silly. and there's been no event to lead up to this like with flashpoint. unless you're saying the phoenix just resets everything, in which case, better i guess? if they do this there will be zero need for the ultimate line though, that's for sure. again, i saw they said not everything will change but it all, again, doesn't sound that great. when dc started over they had a big plan. this sounds like copying in a really quick, not too bright way.

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buuuuuuut i'm confused.

so, when his face got torn off that was one of the first run-ins with batman. however, it's still canon that he shot barbara and killed jason and did everything he usually did, when he super had a face.

but he...doesn't now? and batman never found him after that crappy villain the dollmaker helped slice his face off? i know that's a lot of questions but this it's a little silly.

if there is one real bad idea the writers could've done much better at coming out of the new 52 it would've been to have be at the absolute very least 8 or 9 years when they started out.