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I come out of attention deficit, two job working, in the middle of moving exile to point out that this is not THAT Cain I was looking forward to.

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Of course! It isn't like you'd betray them afterwards, you pinky promised and all that.


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Being an assassin looks like a lot of work for not a whole lot of reward.

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  • Nathan Breda (Pre Deadpool) was an M.H.S.A clone of Michael Caldwell with false memories. Explaining their uncanny resemblance, attitudes and skills in archery.
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Gimme something to do peeps.

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Eh, is how it is.

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This guy is kind of a tool...

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  • Reggie Breda is the great uncle to Nathan Breda.
  • Served in the Korean "Police Action" But was mostly napping and evading duties through most of it.
  • Almost served in Vietnam, but his laziness was so immense, he was discharged.
  • Remembers all of his deaths, this has pushed him into a drinking problem to cope with the memory pain sometimes.
  • His alias "Respawn" is of course reference to modern games. Where after the player dies, they merely come back.
  • Much to his psychological whiplash, Breda's mind tends to think like a nineteen year old whenever he "Respawns"
  • His wallet contains 1950's era thirteen dollars in his now vintage wallet whenever he respawns.
  • Is sinfully lazy, almost sloth like. Despises heavy work and responsibility.
  • This won't stop him from kicking some ass though. Breda still has served in a war and has some decent military training.
  • Ate himself to three hundred pounds once out of depression...He shot himself to respawn to his decent, nineteen year old body.
  • When Breda dies, the corpse before remains.
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