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"I'm not bringing you back a dead person, if that's what you're asking" Rolling his eyes and walking the two upstairs, the stairs creaked as usual, but held firm. "This is going to be weird.." He said, knowing that his friend would also find the experience strange, "Also, there is a woman, named Natasha living here. You may want to meet her sometime...And don't provoke her, she would probably kill you" He was not lying...At all.

"You got a chick livin' here? Are you two a thing? If not, is she free? Or is she like your daughter or something...And if so..You cool with that?" Creed patted him on the back with his inhuman zombie strength. "I am pretty street smart like that, not fcking with people that can fck me up, know what I'm saying?" The two arrived at the servant's room, Creed just leaned on the doorway however, waiting for Kenshin to respond.

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Creed stepped into the diner, smiling already from no one trying to but a buckshot through his skull. "Yo where's the meat at? I was told there was gunna be meat!" He chuckled before letting out a small hunger groan, leaning on the counter. The zombie was actually surprised he made the trip without actually eating someone alive, knowing his boss Kenshin would be more than unimpressed with something like that.

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Alleigiance: Neutral

Super Name: Creed

Real Identity: Creed Mayhews

Base of Operations: The Ronin's rest

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Weight: 250lbs

Height: 5'7

Identity: Public

Eyes: Faded white and black

Origin: Zombie

Hair: Brown

Birth Place: New Jersey

Affiliations: None

Occupation: Odd jobs

Background: Creed is a morally questioned zombie brought back from the dead by a samurai. He is an all around unpleasant person when it comes to his personality, matching his ghastly appearance. Infamous for his odd jobs, Creed will do anything for a decent buck. Human flesh isn't cheap from where you can find it these days.

Did you know? Creed used to be a former mechanic and electrician before dying.


Large, AV and symbol


1) Below normal or clumsy


6) Super human

Energy Projection

1) None

Fighting Ability

1) Poor


2) Normal

Mental Power

1) None


1) Below normal

Stamina – Hercules/ Superman: Rank 7

7) Immeasurable; Never tires due to self-generating energy


4) Superhuman-Includes "enhanced human-800lbs-4tons

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@the_last_samurai: Creed finished just as Kenshin signaled him to follow, returning to answering the questions. "Well..It feels like I am wearing beer goggles...Constantly. My hearing isn't actually half bad, a little tin can-ish I guess annnd I can barely feel anything...If that helps.." He chuckled, his voice was decrepit but it actually held together significantly well. "Yeah so if you're going out on some sort of samurai thing, grab me some..Uhh snacks. If you know what I mean.."

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  • Creed is a member of the Mayhews family.
  • After being killed, Kenshin assisted him in coming back as a zombie.
  • This was at the price of becoming the samurai's helper.
  • In the afterlife, he is known as the ass wiper...It's a long story.
  • Creed feels no pain whatsoever due to being a zombie.
  • His corpse is always rotting, this can be stopped/slowed down by the consumption of human flesh.
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@the_last_samurai: (He said he's gonna hook me up with some human meat, they deliver XD)

"I might as well stay here a bit, I mean we did have a deal right? Like boom, right there's a broken T.V!" Creed walked on over to the television, propping the back off and started working on it. "I was a mechanic and electrician, this stuff is right up my ally." He continued talking and working without a problem, even when a stray wire gave him a nasty volt, he didn't even flinch. "I'm...Guessing I don't feel pain anymore.."

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@the_last_samurai: "Do it and I'll bite your larynx out with my hands.." Creed looked to Kenshin, making a bit of a groan and salivating. "Don't be grossed out or anything, but I think I need to eat someone, so you might wanna take a step back or something." He shambled to his feet once more and walked to the wall mounted mirror, looking at himself. "I mean yeah, it's better than hanging around a bunch of super creepy warlocks."

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@the_last_samurai: Creed reluctantly grabbed the mirror to gaze upon his rotten face, which was giving off an expression of horror. "NO! SHIT NO!" He took the mirror and smashed it onto the wooden counter beside him, actually wrecking the wood too. "This is NOT what I signed up for dude! Not in the slightest!" The zombie grabbed Kenshin by the collar and shook him a bit, that is until the hunger in his stomach made him fall to his knees.