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I just look back to this time to time and I still get a huge kick from it. @_longshot_

The Vine Diner-Longshot.
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  • CVnU: Nathan Breda is one of the M.H.S.A's top agents as well as being a world-class professional archer. He would go on to face the likes of Amaranth the Strix, a still powered Kurt Pendragon and his rival, Michael Caldwell. With the development of the "U-men" serum during a mutant purge, the M.H.S.A would go on to experiment with it by injecting Nathan with a prototype. The results were a nightmare, mutating Nathan into a horribly scarred mutate with a healing factor. "Creed" as he went by from then on would go on to be a hired killer, affiliating with organizations such as S.H.E.I.L.D and even the mutant resistance. Since then however, he has faded into obscurity...
  • CV-PRIME: The old CV universe had a infamous vampire/serial killer named Creed (Or Tanner the bloody Red). A cynical brit who alligned himself with whoever could produce the most "fun" and bloodshed. The vampire went on to co-own a bar with a fellow vampire designed for their kind, the vampire population boosted ten fold in the U.K since then. Creed held a sort of infamy to a circle of super heroes for making their lives miserable. Most notably was kidnapping a young woman named Amelia, a hunter of the supernatural who befriended many heroes of the community. And just for fun, tormented her an finally, bit her and converted her into a vampire.
  • CV-Animated: Currently in CVnU somehow, he appears to be the animated version or merely an adaptation of this universe's spider-themed hero "Nobody" though refers to himself as "Somebody" instead. Though they share the same costume (with Somebody still totally animated, even in CVnU) his personality is very similar to the mutated Creed of this universe, his humour being absurd and just a little harsh. It is most likely that the animated Nathan Breda of CV-Animated went on to receive spider powers instead of the horrible U-man experiment.

To be continued.

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@_drake said:


Me? I never really were fond of Yossele, he was annoying for the most part of our co-existence, the joyful, gentle Golem while I was the dark, gritty Wolf. I get it now. We're equal but in different ways. He's ingenious, after all. While I assault in a scatterbrained manner, with no finality, he moves with grace and precision. But when it comes to disguising ourselves, I mingle flawlessly among Mundys, while all it takes to unveil the clay man is a droplet of water throbbing against his body. He fought to defend, he killed and brutishly ended lives to guard, never to hurt and banquet in rivers of garnet. He fought his instinct fearlessly. I cowered into some obscure corner of my mind, where I force myself to monitor all the wolf's steps, all its meals, just to witness how buoyant and boisterous the monstrosity is.

He is what he's supposed to be, I pretend to be something I am not.

He cannot coexist with Mundanes, I cannot coexist with Fables.

He's white, an enjoyable character for which almost all Fables hold a tremendous consideration.

I am black, a vicious creature of the narrow, gloomy corners of this land, their respect for me is darkened by fear, tainted of vermilion and charcoal.

The blood rushes through my gullet, spraying and splashing against my unsatisfied visage. I could keep at it for days, only I welcome no pleasure, solely remorse, filling my lungs in a prolonged screech that would shake edifices and force them to collapse. I have him betwixt my crunches many times, ribs, bones, I chew through those, its taste as venomous as a scorpion's sting. There's no pride in what I do, I cannot wrap myself in it and sport outside. There's bloodshed, there's loss, there's terrifying shivers and sobs.

Most times I think it's irreversible by nature, a form of naturally murdering the other immortal Fables. But is that authentic? Am I an instrument of dreadful chaos and blood-spilling terror? Or am I the only one who decides if I may or not feed? I can nourish of the hide of animals as much as I nourish from the carcasses of children.

The secrecy and loneliness here is quintessential. I've underestimated Yossele's prowess, as he stands millimeters away from his grand finale, I manage to halt my jaws a little, keep them from suppressing his weakened state's resistance and contribute to it, sluggishly withdrawing.

I misinterpreted my abilities thus far. I've always thought of it as nature, as a curse, but what if it's a blessing bestowed to me for my purposes? What if, instead of havoc, I can prevent others from rampaging? End the vile fame many want gone? I gnaw friend or foe, I make no distinctions, I move away and let the man take control of the wolf. The repressed power is not that of a hungering wolf, but of a human with his inherent cravings, his innate harmony, fought off by every one of us. I am no man fighting against wolf, I was born and raised a wolf. I am fighting against the man, controlling and manipulating him. But what am I?

I am a wolf!

I've been misdirecting this energy, I've been pretending instead of embracing my nature. I can't pretend I am a human inside a wolf whilst I actually am a wolf inside a human!

My paws tingle, the grip of my bite lightens. The storm-like eyes fade into an evanescent lull, ready to be disrupted with the minor breeze. The threads slowly get back to its places. It's a rather agonizing, taking control after all these wild experiences. The flashes are too strong, the instinct is bloodcurdling and overwhelms your judgement. I calm down... This time, it's me, not the wrath. I feel my heart palpitate less. I hear you, Yossele. Your pledges have been answered.

"I am..."

"... a Wolf!!!!!!!!"

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The improve shock thereby worked, the fake screaming in agony before speaking. "A-A mob boss! Goes by the name Clayy, it was a mail contract, that's all I know!" Somebody pulled him in for a glare, before literally throwing him up high and entangling him an an alley side web. "That's what ya get for being a bitch, maybe watch Police Academy if you're gunna do this again.."

Somebody turned to his new found accomplice with crossed arms. "Clayy...I know this douche. They call him the "Shifter" for whatever reason."

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A wolfman! That's...Actually not surpring at all on this planet...

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@_creed_: "Showoff." I mumble, strolling over, delivering an electrified kick to a fake cop's jaw when he reaches for a gun. "Which means not ordinary criminals. They go for the Party Citt-grade badges. These are probably some kinda hitmen." I start streaming off swears in my head. Hitmen means I'm probably a target too, now, which means a lot of footwork, which means I'm gonna miss my shift tomorrow. "Or we're lucky and I didn't just get roped into whacko conspiracy land!" I look over. It's impossible to see it through the helmet, but the forced smile on my face (with accompanying thumbs up), is almost desperate.

"Really!? You just wanna drop this whole "there was fcking fake cops who are I guess hitmen, hired for a mysterious reason" thing !? Bullshit. Either you're with this on me or not, you could just go home and nurse the hangover." Somebody grabbed the "cop" he webbed up and gave him a violent shake.

"What's the deal man!? Cops turned into Judge Dredd or are ya full of it? Start Spillin''!"

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The next few seconds happen by reflex, danger sense kicks in as soon as those guns are drawn and firing. Somebody's body jerks right out of the way, bullets just barely passing by him. He easily dodges six bullets before back flipping onto the fire escape. "NOPE." Was all he shouted before slinging a web past the remaining "cop" and bulleting himself towards him.

Upon landing, it was an easy few dodges from a swinging glock. "Wha-Nope-Not today pal-Now-You-Fckd-UP!" Somebody was crouching just before he gave a swift punch to the man's testicles, then a shot to the throat, one to the stomach. His spider strength has the fake cop tumbling against his cruiser, promptly webbing him to it.

With a leap, Somebody was near the "thunderstruck" cop, grabbing his badge and webbing him just the same. "That's what I thought...These badges are plastic surgery amounts of fake..."

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"No, actually. I roll into a ball like an armadillo and have a hardy shell....No? Okay yeah I do the spider thing, these webs aren't mine though, got bitchin' shooters for that." What was he doing? That felt like pretty sensitive information, he mindfully cursed himself with the motor mouth he was drawn with. The police pulling up in the alley quickly changed the subject...In a bad way.

The cruiser, the oufits and the badges looked right, But Somebody's danger sense was going off like crazy. "These...Aren't cops..." Somebody twitched his middle fingers ready to shoot webs at the cops who clearly had their hands on their guns. They didn't speak, merely smiling while getting closer to the two. Hell one of them eve had a webbing tattoo that barely showed on his neck.

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"Easy Tex, spidey don't swing that way." He put his hand out with a bit of a shake, of course chuckling to reassure the non-offense. "What was with that lightning show by the way? Looked like Nine Inch Nails was at lulapalooza or something, guessin' you powers of your own?"

One of the crooks groaned in pain, Somebody merely webbed his mouth shut without even looking.

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Aw shit, look out, they have the creepiest caveman apparently.