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Of course! It isn't like you'd betray them afterwards, you pinky promised and all that.


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Being an assassin looks like a lot of work for not a whole lot of reward.

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  • Nathan Breda (Pre Deadpool) was an M.H.S.A clone of Michael Caldwell with false memories. Explaining their uncanny resemblance, attitudes and skills in archery.
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Gimme something to do peeps.

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Eh, is how it is.

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This guy is kind of a tool...

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  • Reggie Breda is the great uncle to Nathan Breda.
  • Served in the Korean "Police Action" But was mostly napping and evading duties through most of it.
  • Almost served in Vietnam, but his laziness was so immense, he was discharged.
  • Remembers all of his deaths, this has pushed him into a drinking problem to cope with the memory pain sometimes.
  • His alias "Respawn" is of course reference to modern games. Where after the player dies, they merely come back.
  • Much to his psychological whiplash, Breda's mind tends to think like a nineteen year old whenever he "Respawns"
  • His wallet contains 1950's era thirteen dollars in his now vintage wallet whenever he respawns.
  • Is sinfully lazy, almost sloth like. Despises heavy work and responsibility.
  • This won't stop him from kicking some ass though. Breda still has served in a war and has some decent military training.
  • Ate himself to three hundred pounds once out of depression...He shot himself to respawn to his decent, nineteen year old body.
  • When Breda dies, the corpse before remains.
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I just look back to this time to time and I still get a huge kick from it. @_longshot_

The Vine Diner-Longshot.
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  • CVnU: Nathan Breda is one of the M.H.S.A's top agents as well as being a world-class professional archer. He would go on to face the likes of Amaranth the Strix, a still powered Kurt Pendragon and his rival, Michael Caldwell. With the development of the "U-men" serum during a mutant purge, the M.H.S.A would go on to experiment with it by injecting Nathan with a prototype. The results were a nightmare, mutating Nathan into a horribly scarred mutate with a healing factor. "Creed" as he went by from then on would go on to be a hired killer, affiliating with organizations such as S.H.E.I.L.D and even the mutant resistance. Since then however, he has faded into obscurity...
  • CV-PRIME: The old CV universe had a infamous vampire/serial killer named Creed (Or Tanner the bloody Red). A cynical brit who alligned himself with whoever could produce the most "fun" and bloodshed. The vampire went on to co-own a bar with a fellow vampire designed for their kind, the vampire population boosted ten fold in the U.K since then. Creed held a sort of infamy to a circle of super heroes for making their lives miserable. Most notably was kidnapping a young woman named Amelia, a hunter of the supernatural who befriended many heroes of the community. And just for fun, tormented her an finally, bit her and converted her into a vampire.
  • CV-Animated: Currently in CVnU somehow, he appears to be the animated version or merely an adaptation of this universe's spider-themed hero "Nobody" though refers to himself as "Somebody" instead. Though they share the same costume (with Somebody still totally animated, even in CVnU) his personality is very similar to the mutated Creed of this universe, his humour being absurd and just a little harsh. It is most likely that the animated Nathan Breda of CV-Animated went on to receive spider powers instead of the horrible U-man experiment.

To be continued.