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Cassius didnt like boats especially ones such as he currently stood. Watching a man in a suit drinking an alcoholic beverage the lone Knightfall walked over and opened a dialogue "How can you manage drinking hard liquor when on one of these things?"

"Maybe it has to do with the fact that it's practically in my job description to drink anywhere." Vermilion didn't look at the Knightfall at first, finishing off his gin and setting it on the closest surface without caring if inconvenient to the ship.

Finally, the agent looked over and calmly put his hands in his jacket pockets. "Clint Vermilion, F.I.A.O.A agent..."

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"And people say I have ADD...Ok well I do but that's not the point." Vermilion wasn't much so bothered by R's gimmicks but the fact that he hasn't brought him a gin like he told him to. "I bet you heal just like him too...Oh well. Look, since you already seem to be the only one here that isn't a cardboard cut out, take my card. Fiaoa is always looking for someone that kills without question..But seriously, that gin in my hand." He held up his hand, a card resting between his two fingers with a phone number on it.

The agent walked down the rusty steps, not deterred from this hustle that was currently happening. Vermilion doesn't leave until his meeting is finished.

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Vermilion barely batted an eye at the operative, lightly tapping the man's masked forehead off of his suit and yawning, already missing that gin glass...That crashed right beside him. "Jesus man, the M.H.A already had that whole "funny s;ash comedic gun for hire" gimmick...Have some class...Or don't, I really don't care man." He looked at the all too familiar personality of this killer before he started to walk the deck.

"Well then I'll wait for him. Hopefully you don't make a gin as bad as you try and make people laugh..Cause I'm about to ask you to make one, like regrettably so." Clint reached the ship's entrance door, turning the wheel forcefully and popping it open, giving one last look at this hunter before stepping in.

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@pyrogram: I think it broke everyone's heart...Except for mine...Pretty heartless, HA!

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@pyrogram: Ha! I remember that...Child killers >_>

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@pyrogram: Until you technically killed your own kid from the future by NOT getting together >_>

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@pyrogram: That wasn't his mission! His mission was to prevent Kurt's death from a time traveler that was going to use Lobo as a look because he was Kurt's and Abby's murderer in the future, thus leaving Conrad in his late teens to both train and find a way to travel back and save the parents he lost but Madex caught the idea and traveled back with Conrad (without knowing) to kill them all over again just for the simple joy of it-

Why didn't that happen? lol

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Where's the love?

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@pyrogram: Both, really :P Ha! And I plan for Vermilion to be hanging around Kurt alot...He's only going to make Kurt worse with the dickishness XD!