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"Well I leave the team-mate, fool knew the cost going in and it's his own fault for getting the slip up. Then I go after the prize Guy, I use that rocket launcher as a blunt weapon when I catch him, and I would, until he is putting his hands out for cuffs to be slapped on them. And trust me when I say that, cause I've done it before..Except it was a hit and not a bounty. Hook line and sinker amigo, that's why you're hiring someone like me. Have your good Samaritans worry about the boo boos while I get the dirty job done."

Creed leaned in as well, only to grab one of the hard candies from the glass bowl on the table, leaning back to pop it in his mouth. This merc was clearly soulless, a money grubbing gun totter.

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@_creed_: (Sorry its late. Internet went down for a while...)

The three gunshots sounded out, and Atomikill swiftly ducked his head under the roof- however, it seemed that the bullets weren't going toward him. Strange... Carefully poking his head out, his emerald green eyes scanned the rooftops around him before noticing the person that fired the rounds. Scratch that. The raccoon that fired the rounds.

Seeing a normal man take out three men from six hundred yards away was impressive to say the least. A raccoon doing so would be considered lunacy. But Atomikill wasn't a stranger to the bizarre, and after snapping the locks to the case that held his gun, he eyed the talking rodent carefully.

"Just as long as your scopes not trained on me, hunt all you like." Atomikill called, not unkindly. "And the white means purity." Of course, the mercenary was far from pure- in fact, he'd be just about the opposite of it. But that was the past. The past that he would prefer to leave behind.

"I'm going to be brief with you. Since you seem nice. You must have already heard the cop cars coming to our position. I suggest we take off before they arrive." He spoke airily, and lifted up the case to his gun. Walking toward the fire escape, he waited for the raccoon to either join him or leave. Secretly hoping he would join him.

"Yeah that sounds a whoooooole lot more "white supremacist" than it should pal." Creed laughed and sprinted with Atom, having no trouble keeping up with those small legs. With a pop of his finger claws, and the merc was scraping down the brick wall, not even opting to use the ladder.

Upon his landing, Creed instantly acted like a normal raccoon, picking up trash and sniffing it as a police car light flashed in the alleyway for just a moment, shaking his head and assuming a standing posture once more. "Fck this is handy, I mean at the cost of being the most adorable killing machine ever.."

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Lebeau/Knightfall fighting skill.

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Creed needs some more interactions!

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Creed tapped his fury chin with his claws, a grin on his face. "M248 light machine gun, or what you guys call a SAW light machine gun. Built for taking out crowds and say goodbye to that pesky reloading problem cause with an extended magazine they are packing a hundred rounds. That and Apache helicopters to make those muties burst into red misting Houdinis." The merc laughed while hopping off the table, anxious to get to work so suddenly.

"Just so you know, sweet cheeks Mcauthority, if any of your boys get in my way? That's their problemo." Creed tossed up to small fingers as a peace sign and walked out the door he came, already doing plenty of research on this Noah Adam's individual. "Come out come out wherever you arrrreeee Noah!" Cackled Creed, no doubt thinking of his way to the location.

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@mistress_sangria: @_creed_:

Ripper stepped into the room, wearing a police outfit for some unknown reason. He was cutting up an apple with a bloody knife, eating a piece as he looked back at Creed and Sangria. "Got a haircut creed?" He asked in a serious manner. "Dr. Delacroix, apple?" Ripper asked offering her a bloody piece.

"Yo, apple me you unfunny bastard." Creed didn't care about blood, he was a fcking raccoon now, clearly not phased by Ripper's jape.

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Creed stammered for a moment, pointing at Jan. "Oh..Oh my god you're fcking him aren't you! I am LOVING how devious you have been lately." His crackled voice rang throughout the recreation room while slapping his knee.

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"I would make a one liner about rats and raccoons, cause I didn't pay attention in school when it came to animals." Creed shrugged his furry shoulders and smiled, feeling a bit better about his new lifestyle. "The commish? Isn't that Kurt Pendragon, the guy who is going through a very late teen rebellious phase?"