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Has the credentials to be a pretty good asset for my business.

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Daaaaaaaaamn. This is going to be a separate blog level of cleaning up this god damn mess.

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Creed chuckled, finding Siphon to be that kind of girl. "Fair enough, not the first time I've been turned down, but not the first time I didn't try hard either." The cleaner glanced past Alchemy's comment, as a fifteen year old took the words right out of his mouth. "She hit the nail right on the head there. And fifteen? Jesus kid's mature fast these days, last time I checked your should be doing algebra or something, Creed." He finally took her hand firmly and shook it, pulling away to look at them all.

"There's some serious shit we'll need to discuss later, but I am way to sober for three in the afternoon. So a meeting at nine will do just fine."

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Bulletproof suit, make it happen.

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@timesiphon: @_creed_:

The elderly alchemist reached out slowly to grab the business. He looked over it once and threw it somewhere in his pile of books. "I never asked for a, what did refer to yourself.......ah yes! A rep guy". He then turned and scolded his young teammate. "I thought I told you not to look at people like that. In many cultures it would be considered offensive". It was at this point that the old man wished he went to bed earlier.

Creed scoffed at the remark, merely grinning and getting a good chuckle from it. "Asked? No. Forced to have as a part of this organization? Absolutely. The government has contracted me to be here for a shit ton of reasons, like the fact you have a band of forgotten toys that the public probably won't like, and the damage this team will inevitably cause. See that's where I come in, I make it so those things "never happened" " Creed tossed up some air quotes, then glancing over to the lady with a winning smile.

"I got a hunger myself baby, maybe we can talk about it sometime over a few drinks and dinner." The agent let off the subtlest wink before returning to business with Alchemy. "Face Alchy, you need me. Beautiful over here even agrees."

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He turned away from his teammates to pick a cup of tea he had sitting on his desk. "I never imagined that I would the most normal person in a room" he muttered to himself.

"Oh sure, what is weird is having an "A" on your hood, though..." Creed just waltzed into the place without so much as a hello, straightening his tie before pulling out one of his tastefully white business cards, handing it to Alchemy. "Name's Creed, I've been hired as your rep agent, those are all five of my phone numbers, E-mail and all that jazz. You will be calling me when something needs to be fixed, it's not really up for debate at this point."

Creed looked over to the other two oddly dressed meta's and just gave a head flick. "Sup?"

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Well ok then.