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Creed waved at the fellow merc, not usually being a dick to others of the trade. But then he turned to Jan and nudged her arm with his furry elbow. "Don't act like I didn't see those shark eyes Jan, you better be careful around him. He's a biiiit smarter than your average cocaine addled commissioner is all I'm saying. Now come on, buy me a drink, I paid for the last one!" He laughed and knocked his fist against the table.

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@_creed_: @mistress_sangria: "Creed it is then." Raising his drink to his fellow hired gun before turning his attention back to Sangria. "You could say that. I've been called other things in my time. Some of which aren't exactly things you'd say around a lady." Smiling at her for a moment before glancing back at Creed. "So what happened to the other Creed?"

"Who, Breda?" Creed chuckled as if it was common knowledge, and Mike was clueless. "It's a ghost story amigo. The guy vanished, you knew how coco puffs that guy was. What you're looking at now is the 2.0 Creed, the concentrated version of awesome!" He shrugged, clearly joking around.

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@mistress_sangria: @_creed_: "I'd say our furry little friend just answered that question for me..." Smirking as he turned his attention to Creed. "Yeah... I know..." Shuddering slightly.

"How would you feel if I called you "fleshy tall friend"? Thought so." Creed finished his pint and glared at Mike, analyzing a possible future target. "I'm Creed-Well the newer one at least."

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@mistress_sangria: @the_assassin_:

That's where he knew him from, Creed's red eyes widened at the revelation. "HA! Oh god you're Caldwell aren't you? I knew that I've heard that name from somewhere before." The rodent laughed, recognizing the human as a sort of M.H.A legend. "You gave the old Creed his rags, I've read about you..Just..Don't go on Tumblr. you'll find waaaay too much rule 34 about you."

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@mistress_sangria: @the_assassin_:

Creed looked over to the man, holding his pint. "That's DOUBLE good hearing pal, got something you wanna say? Care to take potential mouthing off for four hundred dollars? Like it matters, you look important enough not to die easily." The raccoon spoke nonsense, grinning at the human.

Leaning his head back a bit, he spoke to Jan. "I don't gotta tell ya this guy smells like crap, right?"

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"Maybe you can't resist this raccoon charm, or you wanna cuddle me like I was full of cotton, take your pick." He tossed down the cash for Jan's drink and his, ordering another for the two of them before looking over at @the_assassin_ "Ya know what's sad, Jan? No chick's going to look at me like you're lookin' at him ever again. Go get em' Jellybean." Creed lightly punched her arm and took another swig of his beer.

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@mistress_sangria: "Gothic City..." Surveying the city lights as he stepped out of the cab. "Can't say I've missed this place..." While it was no gem in it's own right, if Gothic had anything, it was an underworld. Which meant SOMEONE among the masses would need someone to do there dirty work for them. He didn't usually work small time, but he'd been out of the game for a while and this seemed as good a place to start up again as any...

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"I swear to whatever that you're following me.." Creed looked over, sitting in the bar stool next to Jan, of course far too big for his four foot body. "What are you up to this time Jan? Looking to go all reverse jack the ripper on someone?" The raccoon merc chuckled and ordered another pint.

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Glad to see life in here again!