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    Hello,How are you?
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    Just post and find out.
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    Wait, what? With what?
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    Because it's fun and Ashley needs to do something during the day. lol
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    Hey, want to be headmistress at GCA with Ashlwy? Gives you a chance to rival Val and monitor Mark.
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    So, I just became the voice or reason in an argument. Ummm wow. This is character progression considering I used to be in a lot of fights back in the day.
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    Finally responded to Ash in the underground thread hun
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    sup :)
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    Happy Valentines day ^_^
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  • JesterSmiles posted a message in the forum topic Prime Superman One Million vs Silver Surfer. on the Battles board

    @fallingcliffs: aww I am just getting started. Don't run, I need more links from Screwattack.... Wait!!!!

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    No animated characters? O: :S

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    @jugjugbanks: Thou shall lose their knee caps if thou doesn't keep their vows to me... Do you understand my child?

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    @icecold14: Don't know too much about 2 members on Team 2... Let me do some research & I'll get back to you.

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    @ccraft said:@jugjugbanks: I am not forgiving you for this JugJug until you send me them videos, I sure hope nothing bad happens to you in the mean time my child :pAh, I see, so you are the DOMINICA...

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    You...you're pretty cool
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    @sweetsnowbell: Her booted thumped down with each step she made, slowing down so that the naive heroine could keep in close proximity. Leading Snowbell out of the city, pasted the poor slums and out...

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    Hey I don't know if you remember me, I had a few accounts but this was my main. Could we talk over PM? I need caught up on the Vine Universe lol.