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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 79: "Sleep, Exam Student" (眠れ受験生 "Nemure Jukensei")
  • Chapter 80: "I'll Be Waiting at the Rink" (リンクで待ってる "Rinku de Matteru")
  • Chapter 81: "Extra Infusion" (補足注入 "Hosoku Chūnyū")
  • Chapter 82: "Within the Letter Box" (文箱の中 "Fumibako no Naka")
  • Chapter 83: "The Secret of the Numbers" (数字の秘密 "Sūji no Himitsu")
  • Chapter 84: "Ramen Kaedama" (ラーメンかえ魂 "Rāmen Kaedama")
  • Chapter 85: "Goal Fulfillment" (目標の達成 "Mejirushi no Tassei")
  • Chapter 86: "The Wig's Regret" (カツラの無念 "Katsura no Munen")
  • Chapter 87: "Oboro's Revenge" (朧の復讐 "Oboro no Fukushū")
  • Chapter 88: "The Contract and the Mongoose" (契約書とマングース "Keiyakusho to Mangūsu"")







Story Arcs

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