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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 69: "Homestay Training" (ホームステイ実習 "Hōmusutei Jisshū")
  • Chapter 70: "The Story Behind the Alligator Woman" (ワニ女の事情 "Wani-onna no Jijō")
  • Chapter 71: "Chibi's Memories" (チビの思い出 "Chibi no Omoide")
  • Chapter 72: "Introduction to an Evil Spirit" (悪霊紹介 "Akuryō Shōkai")
  • Chapter 73: "Supervisory Liability" (監督責任 "Kantoku Sekinin")
  • Chapter 74: "Party of Five, This Way" (5名様ご案内 "Go-mei-sama Goannai")
  • Chapter 75: "The Friendly Square" (フレンドリースクエア "Furendorī Sukuea")
  • Chapter 76: "The Curse of the Kitchen Counter" (呪われた調理台 "Norowareta Chōridai")
  • Chapter 77: "The Strangling Scarf" (首しめマフラー "Kubishime Mafurā")
  • Chapter 78: "The Present" (プレゼント "Purezento")







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