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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 109: "An Observed Event" (注目のイベント "Chūmoku no Ibento")
  • Chapter 110: "Black Cat Grade Test" (黒猫段位テスト "Kuroneko Dan'i Tesuto")
  • Chapter 111: "Battle of Cat Tower" (猫タワーの戦い "Neko Tawā no Tatakai")
  • Chapter 112: "Let's Cooperate!" (協力しよう! "Kyōryoku Shiyō!")
  • Chapter 113: "Battle Royale" (バトルロイヤル "Batoru Roiyaru")
  • Chapter 114: "Outnumbered" (多勢に無勢 "Tazei ni Buzei")
  • Chapter 115: "The Cursed Straw Doll" (呪いのワラ人形 "Noroi no Wara Ningyo")
  • Chapter 116: "Let's Speak Clearly" (ちゃんと話そう "Chanto Hanasō")
  • Chapter 117: "The Wandering Power Stone" (さまよえるパワーストーン "Samayoeru Pawā Sutōn")
  • Chapter 118: "Ripple in Mushrooms" (松茸の波紋 "Matsutake no Hamon")







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