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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 99: "Unseen Candy" (見えないキャンディー "Mienai Kyandī")
  • Chapter 100: "The Target is Sakura" (ターゲットは桜 "Tāgetto wa Sakura")
  • Chapter 101: "Where's Rinne?" (りんねはどこに? "Rinne wa Doko ni?")
  • Chapter 102: "The Puppy in the Rain" (雨の中の子犬 "Ame no Naka no Koinu")
  • Chapter 103: "Poverty Moth" (貧乏蛾 "Binbō Ga")
  • Chapter 104: "The Jealous Cat" (妬み猫 "Netami Neko")
  • Chapter 105: "The Half-Price Haunted House!!" (お化け屋敷半額!! "Obakeyashiki Hangaku!!")
  • Chapter 106: "This Isn't A Date!" (デートではない! "Dēto de wa Nai!")
  • Chapter 107: "Piping Hot" (アツアツ "Atsuatsu")
  • Chapter 108: "The Prowling Watermelon" (さまようスイカ "Samayou Suika")







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