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The Story opens with a nun who was an orphan leaving a convent in Kansas.

Three days later, in the Smokey Mountains Tennessee, Danny Ketch is accompanied by The Orb, DogHead, Death Ninja, and Blackout. It turns Danny is working for Zadkiel. They get ready to enter an old shack. Doghead enters but gets his head blown off by the owner of the shack, Caretaker. Danny orders the others to get him. Orb and Death Ninja enter the house while Blackout sneaks from the back.

It turns ut the shack is really big from the inside with many doors. The two villains enter one door and find a museum of all things that relate to the Spirits of Vengence. Orb steps into a trap and has a board and naid shot right into his face. Orb falls to the ground. Deathninja then charges at Caretaker with his ninja stars and stabs Caretaker with is sword. Death Ninja then tells Caretaker to shot him with Johnny Blaze's Hellfire gun. Caretaker does so and Death Ninja dies happily.

At that point Blackout attacks Caretaker from behind and Blackout ends up getting Death Ninjas sword stabbed right in his crotch. Blackout is tempted to kill Caretaker but is stopped by Danny. Danny demands answers by Caretaker about Zadkiel but is insulted by Caretaker saying that Daniel's coming as a Spirit of Vengence was an accident. At that point Daniel kills Caretaker.

Daniel watchs the Shack burn with Blackout on at his side. Daniel then sences something in the air and says, "He's here."

Back on the road the nun leaves a trucker who tries to rape her but she ninja punches the trucker. As she wanders the road she bumps into Johnny Blaze.

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