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This is it, Flamehead fans. The battle you've been waiting years for. Johnny Blaze vs. Danny Ketch. Brother against brother. Ghost Rider against Ghost Rider. Talk about your epic showdowns. This is one for the ages, and it's still only part two of the exciting new arc, "Last Stand of the Spirits of Vengeance."

Blaze turns into ghost Rider ready to fight his brother Danny. Danny starts up the fight punching Blaze a million miles into another mountain. He picks Blaze up and punches him threw a mountain. Dan comes after Blaze but Blaze blows up the mountain knocking Dan out. Blaze continuously kicks Dan in the skull. Blaze then gives Dan the Penance Stare. Threw the stare however, Blaze sees all the Ghost Riders Dan has killed in the past few days. Dan kicks Blaze ff him and says he is not a killer and that he freed them from pain. They both punch it out until Dan grabs Blaze by the head and gives him the penance stare. Blaze is tormented to what happened to his family, Blaze gives in and want the power gone. Dan absorbs Blaze's power to near death until Sara shows up and run dan over with the motorcycle. She grabs Johnny and they both drive away.

3 Days later, Blaze and Sara retreat at a flophouse in Nepal. Blaze is now in a dark depression having no need to live. All of a sudden their door blows up. It is two other Ghost Riders.

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