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The biggest GHOST RIDER arc in ages begins here, as long lost brothers turned enemies Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch finally come face to face. In the snow covered mountains of Tibet, Blaze and the all new Caretaker uncover a startling secret about the Ghost Rider. Or should I say, Ghost Riders. And that sets the stage for a battle to decide the fate of Heaven itself. Plus, a Ghost Rider Saga backup feature.

In Ngari Prefecture Tibet A Chinese arm force are raiding the villiage saying that someone in their area killed their men. After the siege an old man on a donkey comes along. He tells the soldiers to leave and he will spare their lives. The Chinese general order his men to kill the old man and turns around. As he turns back he sees that the old man is a spirit of Vengeance. He burns the sldiers and gives the general the penance stare.

Moments later the old Tibetan Spirit of Vengeance returns to his temple to rest. Little does he know, Dan Ketch is riding in the shadows. He enters the old man's temple. Moments later and explosion shots out of the window of the temple.

Moments later Blaze and Sara arrive to the temple t see the old Spirit of vengence dead. It is at that point Blaze learns the he is not the only Spirit of Vengence and that each country has it's own. But there are not many left because Dan is leeching off all the Ghost Rider's powers for Zadkiel.

That night Blaze and Sara spend the night in the temple only get an unwelcomed invite by Dan. Blaze goes after him in the snow covered hills. It turns out Dan was hurt after Blaze left but Blaze felt he was keeping him away from the curse of the Ghost Rider. But it turns out Dan wants it back. Blaze says he is not giving his power up but the Dan turns into a Ghost Rider ready to fight Blaze.

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