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The Durlans

Most of the galaxy distrust Durlan and his people because of their shapeshifting ability. Their powers can be destroyed by disease and extremely high doses of radiation. They can, however, be restored by immersing themself in the energies of an ancient Durlan shrine. They are skinny humanoids with antennae, masses of green tentacles and a purple cloack.

Their once advanced technological society was destroyed in a six minute lasting war, called the "six minute war". After that, Durla has been nothing but a wasteland, and its inhabitants live in primitive state, they have to us their shapeshifting ability to survive. Some Durlans have managed to get of the planet, Rene J. Brande for example.

Prisoner of Colu

Durlan, or Brande, was the first of his people to venture off of their world. Because of their mistrust towards other races, the Durlans were hesitant to leave the confines of their own planet. Durlan crash landed on Colu and was captured by the Computer Tyrants of Colu. Durlan was subsequently tortured and experimented on. The Tyrants of Colu considered him a prime specimen because of the rarity of actually seeing a Durlan. Durlan was experimented on by Brainiac, the willing prisoner and pawn of the Tyrants.

Durlan Teaches Vril Dox II Martial Arts

Brainiac's cloned son, Vril Dox II, broke Durlan out and hid him in his quarters for ten years while waiting for the opportunity for them to escape. Durlan would teach Vril Dox II how to fight and how to defend himself. The opportunity for escape came when the Tyrants attempted to kill Vril Dox II after telling him that they murdered his father. The Computer Tyrants gave Vril Dox II away to the Alliance Starlag because of their inability to brainwash him like they did all the other Coluans. Durlan shape shifted into a minuscule form so that Vril Dox II could swallow him and allow him to escape.


Durlan With Legion

The pair would trade one prison for another and now were on the Alliance Starlag where they met their future L.E.G.I.O.N. members. The group managed to escape and returned to the planet Colu, ousting the Computer Tyrants from power and establishing the planet as under the protection of L.E.G.I.O.N.. Durlan was Vril Dox's most trusted adviser until his mysterious disappearance. Vril Dox was crushed by this disappearance. Although he did not show it publicly, Vril Dox really depended on Durlan. Durlan was with him almost since the beginning of his cloned existence. Vril Dox II blamed the disappearance of Durlan on Phase, who coincidentally appeared in the L.E.G.I.O.N. headquarters around the same time Durlan left.

In the Future

Durlan as R.J. Brande

Durlan was transported to the future, the 30th century specifically, by what he thought might have been a space/time anomaly. Durlan shape shifted into the form of the dominant species and became the richest man in the galaxy and ran his own empire. He assumed the form of R.J. Brande and vowed to start a Legion of his own.

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