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A Zero Hour crossover issue. As Batman returns to the Batcave, he finds himself affected by one of the Zero Hour time disruptions. He returns to a Wayne Manor of the past, where he finds his father and mother. However, in this disrupted world, it was eight-year-old Bruce Wayne that was murdered, not Thomas and Martha Wayne. Out for vengeance, Batman hunts down Joe Chill, knowing exactly who the culprit is in young Bruce Wayne’s murder. However, he finds Joe Chill strung out on drugs for the last two days. Batman finds that Joe Chill was not the murderer. Upset that he wasted his time on vengeance instead of spending it with his parents, Batman rushes back to Wayne Manor, to find time back to normal. Batman is left to wonder if Joe Chill was innocent in that alternate past, or if he was also innocent in our timeline.

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