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***Note: For Wayne descendants only and not to be confused with The Batman Family***

1st Generation

Nathaniel Wayne

Part of the 17th century witch hunts, "Malleus" (a fake alias for Nathaniel) was in pursuit of a witch within the Gotham Colony. Upon the burning that night of a supposed witch, Annie, curses the Wayne Family Line.

2nd Generation

Thomas Wayne (Dr. Hurt)

Thomas Wayne, a doctor and friend of Benjamin Franklin, is in the hunt for immortality. Through summoning the demon Barbatos, he was given what he always wanted in life, immortality. He later named himself Simon Hurt and sought out to disgrace the Wayne name and destroy Bruce Wayne.

3rd Generation

Anthony Darius Wayne

Anthony was considered a Revolutionary War hero.

4th Generation

Charles Arwin Wayne

Father of Solomon and Joshua Wayne who moved his family from Boston into the city now established as Gotham City.

5th Generation

Solomon Wayne

As a young teen, him and his brother Joshua were abolitionist for the Civil War and had established an Underground Railroad. Years later, the Wayne name began to prosper among Gotham. He later became a tough federal judge with an interest for architecture. Before his death, he laid out plans for a Wayne Manor for his son Alan to accomplish.

Joshua Wayne

Joshua had joined the abolitionist with is brother but died young protecting a slave. His photo was hung holding a clue to reach an underground route which Dick and Damian discovers.

6th Generation

Alan Wayne

Son of Solomon and Donothea Wayne, Alan was the first generation born into Gotham. As a teenager, he felt the family name load and tried to kill himself. It wasn't until a time traveling unintentional intervene stopping. Through this, he meet his wife Catherine Van Derm. Later in his life, he and other wealthy men would create Gotham as a landmark for architecture and bridges. Catherine would soon die from from child birthing complications, while giving birth to Kenneth Wayne.

7th Generation

Kenneth Wayne

He became the founder of Wayne Chemicals but have an early death. His with Laura would run Wayne Chemicals until their eldest son took over.

8th Generation

Patrick Wayne

Jonathan "Jack" Patrick Wayne would become the creator of Wayne Tech which helped support both World Wars. He was also the visionary of the renovation of Gotham. Later, he would combine the Wayne resources to create Wayne Corp.

Silas Wayne

Silas was part of Bruce's childhood and half of his adulthood. He wasn't too pleased with how Bruce was a playboy and didn't take himself serious. It wasn't until Silas was ill on his death bed where Bruce revealed he was Batman. He took pride in that and died happy.

9th Generation

Thomas Wayne

Son of Patrick Wayne, Thomas was born into the wealth. In his early years, he too would act like a playboy (similar to his future son). It was not til he met Martha where he began to settle down and fall in love. He gained his ranks in becoming a gifted surgeon and then running Wayne Corp. One day while visiting the Monarch Theater with his with and son, he was held up in the back alley by a criminal known as Joe Chill. Shot down along with Martha, Bruce would suffer a traumatic experience and become The Batman.

10th Generation

Bruce Wayne

Having a hard childhood, Bruce had pushed himself to train hard and avenge his parents horrific death becoming The Batman. Through his years as Batman, he had many sidekicks adopting them from their broken homes and taking them as his own (Dick, Tim, and Cassandra). He too would change the name of Wayne Corp into Wayne Enterprises.

11th Generation

Damian Wayne

Born as a test tube baby to Talia al Ghul, Damian was raised to become the heir to the Batman name. He began training at a very early age, being taught by the League of Assassins. At the age of ten, Damian's existence was revealed to Bruce by Talia. Bruce was at first reluctant to take him in because of Damian's arrogant attitude and violent nature. When Bruce "died" during the events of Final Crisis, Dick Grayson took up the mantle of Batman and deemed Damian his Robin so he could keep an eye on him and guide him down the right path, a path of heroism. When Bruce returned, Damian remained as Robin, but there were two Batmen. He and Dick worked alongside each other until Dick later stepped down from the cowl and became Nightwing once again. Damian then fought alongside his father, making them the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. During the events of Batman, Incorporated, Damian was brutally killed by his adult clone, The Heretic. Damian was later laid to rest by Bruce, Dick, Tim, and Alfred.

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