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"Prodigal" part 3, continued from BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #32. Bruce Wayne's decision has dire consequences for those close to Batman. And the Ratcatcher returns with a serious grudge against the Dark Knight. Plus, Robin learns that Two-Face has escaped. Continued in ROBIN (1993-2009) #11.

(continued from SotB 32)

Batman and Robin learn of Harvey Dent’s accidental release from prison, as well as the escape of the Ratcatcher. Feeling Harvey has not had enough time to hatch a scheme, Batman chooses to focus all of his attention on the Ratcatcher, trying to stay one step ahead of him. Robin has a near-fatal mistake, which brings back bad memories for Dick regarding a mistake he made during his time as Robin which led to the death of a man. Batman eventually tracks down the Ratcatcher and stops his scheme as Harvey Dent begins to put his plans into motion. Meanwhile, Robin’s father, Jack Drake, attempts to spend more quality time with his son.

(continued in Robin 11)

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