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The issue opens with Nightwing in a rage, believing Batman (Bruce Wayne) to be dead he strikes at Jean Paul Valley who claims that Wayne's death proved that he is the one true Batman. Robin wonders aloud if Valley is the best Batman for Gotham City. A woman's baby is stuck in a car on fire but her cries are ignored by Nightwing and Valley as they trade blows. Robin saves the child moments before the car explodes, sending him tumbling. He tells a police officer to clear the bridge, the Batmobile has exploded.

Nightwing and Valley fight to the edge of a bridge and Valley pulls them both over. Nightwing saves them both using Valley's grappling hook in his armor but the rope snaps and they plummet into the water below. Batman (Bruce Wayne) emerges from the fire of the Batmobile and tells Robin to leave Nightwing.

At the bottom of the bay Nightwing frees himself from Valley and swims up to a party boat. Bullock and Montoya arrive and deduce that there's a battle to see who will be Gotham's Batman. Valley beat Nightwing to the boat and yanks him on board. The two fight, busting through walls and ruining gambler's poker games. Valley threatens to kill Nightwing and then Robin afterwards. Valley gains the upper hand and is about to finish off Nightwing after knocking him out on a slot machine when two police officers order him to stop. He throws Nightwing into the officers and escapes back to the Batcave. Ranting to himself and to St. Dumas that he has taken back the city, Valley notices someone in the mansion above, only its not Robin as he believed, but Bruce Wayne waiting for him.

Story continued from: Batman : Shadow of the Bat #30 Story continues in: Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight #63

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