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Debbie Harris lived with her mother in the same Apt. building as Dragon does.


Debbie Harris was created by Erik Larsen

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Debbie Harris (Image Universe)

After being locked out of the apartment by her mother, she stayed the night in Dragon's apartment. Debbie and Dragon became lovers, but it only lasted that night. In the morning, her mother called her former boyfriend Arnold Dimple, who went to Dragon's apartment. When Debbie answered the door instead of Dragon she was shot and killed instantly after which Dimple killed himself.

DarkWorld Universe

Debbie (Darkworld Universe)

This Debbie is a drug-addicted prostitute, when Dragon saved Debbie where he couldn't find Rapture before DarkLord's world blew-up. Debbie spent months aboard on the flying saucer with Dragon and Smasher traveling to Earth, when their saucer crash on Godworld which kills Debbie. Debbie then was taken by Allgod and she continued her afterlife on Godworld. When S.O.S. rescued some of their members from Godworld and destroyed it in the process, Debbie escaped to earth among other Godworld inhabitants. She left the Gods to warn Dragon that they plan to raise Atlantis.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

Zombie Debbie

Zombie Debbie

Debbie was last seen when her mother Bonnie Harris, as the Fiend III. Bonnie resurrected Debbie as a zombie to kill Dragon. Debbie wants Dragon dead too, so they could be together forever in the afterlife. Ultimately Dragon returned Debbie back to her rest.

DarkWorld Universe

Death of Debbie

Debbie dies again

Later Debbie was trying to send Angel, Malcolm and Janey to the Dragon she knew, but was killed when Rex Dexter thought Martians had returned and shot down their flying saucer.

Powers & Abilities


Darkworld Debbie's wings give her the ability to fly.


Darkworld Debbie could read the mind of Allgod.

Other Versions

Other Media

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