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Widow and Radical were members of government super-heroes team Special Operations Strikeforce, they had known each other for years. They both were part of underground community of freaks living in the swears of Chicago. The two fell in love with each other. Then while on mission to Godworld, Radical is killed in battle. Soon after this Widow discovered that she was pregnant with his child.


Janey created by Erik Larsen

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Janey (Image Universe)

Janey’s birth occurred when The Possessor attacked the S.O.S. and held Widow and her teammates as superhuman slaves. During the ordeal Widow went into labor, Dragon was able to stop The Possessor and get Widow to the hospital. Janey was born and raise by her mother. Years later, she abducted by the Covenant of the Sword. Where she and other children was being held by Damien Darklord to use a his army. But, she rescued by a number of super-heroes in the events that led to Dragon getting sent to another reality.

Savage World Universe

Janey (Savage World)

Janey grow up underground swears of Chicago with her mother and the few surviving members of Rock’s tribe during the reign of Cyberface. The freaks signed up with Dragon’s to overthrow Cyberface. In the aftermath of the victory over Cyberface, Dragon assisted Rock getting a real home for him and his family. Widow and Rock soon fell in love and got married, raising Janey together.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

Janey Travel Thru Dimension-X

Janey in Dimension-X

When Universo came to consume the Earth, Debbie Harris gathered up a few super-powered children to escort to safety, But she is kill. Janey was one of the few survivors of her world as she and her friends thrown into Dimension-X. These children were (Malcolm Dragon, Angel Dragon, Mark Jonson, and Peter Jonson). She and others spent years adrift in Dimension-X, until finally they reaches the Earth that Dragon now resided on Savage World.

Savage World Universe

Janey Is Taking By The Gods

Janey abducted by the Gods due to Radical’s connection to them. Dragon fought to retrieve the child but, Herakles assured the girl that she would always have a place among them.

The Janey Sisters

The Janey twins

Janey's family had adopted the other Janey(Image Universe) and the two of them are acting as twin sisters.

Powers and Abilities


Both Janey's have superhuman strength and enhanced agility.

Wall Crawling

Both Janey's possesses a spider's natural ability to cling to walls.


Both Janey's can shoot web like their mother (Widow) for out of their rectums .

Other Versions

Other Media

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