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During the time of the Mars Attacks Event, Liberty, daughter of Superpatriot was kidnapped by Martians. She was experimented with and impregnated by the Martians. When she returned she refused to get an abortion since she believed her son should be given a chance of life thus is born Damien Armstrong who is the original Darklord.


Damien Darklord created by Erik Larsen.

Character Evolution

Darklord Universe



The time-traveling Darklord begun his life as the super-intelligent powered child dubbed Damien Darklord, sharing the same origins as his younger version. However, this version grew up to adulthood before visiting the past to prepare for his eventual birth. He formed the Covenant of the Sword organization whilst also established himself as a supervillain of the 1980s, coming into conflict with Super-Tough and Young-Tough. It was during their final encounter that Damien Darklord attempted to steal the original Nega-Bomb. The heroes thwarted this theft, only for another version, now just Darklord, to arrive and detonate the weapon. This time-travel caused a divergent timeline to exist. One featured the deaths of Darklord and Super-Tough, and the scarring of Young-Tough. The other had the death of Young-Tough and the survival of the other two combatants.

Image Universe

Damien Darklord

Damien Darklord

Damien is a Martian-human hybrid imbued with incredible intelligence. As soon as he was born, Damien was taken in by the Covenant of the Sword and was installed as their leader. He begun to work with versions of himself in different realities in a process dubbed Celestial Engineering. They planned for the safety of all Earths and exchanged information on how best to accomplish this extraordinary feet.

Major Story Arcs

Darklord Universe

Ruler Of The World

Darklord rules the World

During the same time Damien Armstrong was born Liberty gave birth to Darklord on an alternate Earth. Darklord attempted to switch Darkworld with Earth since his world was dying and it was the only way to save it. He was unsuccessful thanks to Savage Dragon and the Special Operations Strikeforce (S.O.S.) Darklord tried to escape and he killed Rapture in the process. Losing his former lover Savage Dragon killed Darklord in anger and sorrow.

Image Universe

Covenant of the Sword

After the death of Darklord the Covenant of the Sword capture and switched places of people who are close to Savage Dragon including Jennifer Murphy and Captain Mendoza. Soon the Imposter was killed by the second OverLord. Soon they captured another person close to The Dragon and it was Rapture's newborn son Malcolm Jackson Dragon. The Dragon and Mighty Man attacked a Covenant of The Sword complex to rescue Malcolm. Soon Mighty Man ended up fighting Superpatriot who was searching for his daughter and The Dragon fighting Jennifer whom he believed dead.

The Death of Darklord

The Dragons fights finally led up to a confrontation with Damien Armstrong who revealed that the other Darklords were him at different time periods and realities. He had been gathering super-powered children and women bearing super-powered children to create his army as well as villains to create the Nega-Bomb. He detonates it taking away most of the Super-beings' powers. Only a limited amount of survivors with powers helped The Dragon in his fight against Damien. The Dragon then killed both Damien Armstrong and Damien Darklord.

The Destroying of Earth

After Damien Armstrong's death a parallel Earth is created without any of the troubles from Damien, but is filled with different perils. The Dragon becomes trapped on the new world after waking up from his battle with Damien. Even though The Dragon woke up next to Damien Armstrong's Corpse he was still alive on the original Earth and was in custody by The U.S Government and S.O.S. Malcolm ended up fighting Damien after he killed government official Hawkings, and defeated him badly. He was finally destroyed when Universo annihilated the Earth with only a few survivors.

Powers & Abilities


Darklord is known to have vast mental abilities.

Opted Blast

He has eye beams.

Super Strength

He has superhuman strength and can leap great distances.


A moderate invulnerability.

Time Travel

He can travel through time at will.

Other Versions

Other Media

He has appeared in Savage Dragon tv-series.

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