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Angel Murphy is the only child of Jennifer and Kevin Murphy. When Kevin’s life went down hill, he took his frustration out on his wife Jennifer. When he went after the infant Angel, it triggered Jennifer's powers and she killed him.


Angel Murphy created by Erik Larsen.

Character Evolution

Graphic Fantasy

Angel Dragon (Graphic Fantasy)

Angel is the daughter of Susan Wilson and Paul Dragon (The Dragon). After the death of her mother by the hands of The Bronze Man, Dragon leaves the Society of Super-Heroes (S.O.S.) to raise Angel. The Bronze Man attacks Dragon and Angel on taxi ride to the zoo. The attack leaves Angel badly wounded, which enrages Dragon and he goes on the hunt for the Bronze Man.


Angel Dragon (Megaton)

Angel is the daughter of Sue (Smasher) and Paul Dragon (Savage Dragon), she lives on the Society of Super-Heroes (S.O.S.) base. Angel's birth occurs when The Possessor attacked the S.O.S. and held Sue and her teammates in tubes as superhuman slaves. During the ordeal Sue goes into labor, but Dragon is able to stop The Possessor and get Sue to the hospital.

Image Universe

Angel Dragon (Image Universe)

Year later Angel's mother, Jennifer, has become a member of the government’s Special Operations Strikeforce team. Angel is put into the care of Dart’s niece, Alison Summers. After Jennifer returns from her mission in alternate universe of DarkWorld, Jennifer decides to take care of Angel full-time. Jennifer later falls in love with Dragon, soon after the two are married and Angel becomes the step-daughter of Dragon. Angel mother is seemingly murdered by OverLord II and Dragon takes full-time care of Angel. Until Dragon loses custody of Angel to her great-aunt and uncle, which turn out be a set up by Covenant of the Sword to kidnap her. Dragon later liberates Angel and other super freak children from the Covenant, Angel's mother, who is mind control by Damien DarkLord is killed by him. An outraged Dragon tries to kill Damien and he is sent to another universe.

Savage World Universe

Angel Dragon (Savage World)

Jennifer goes on to fall in love with Officer Dragon after he helps her deal with the fallout from her husband’s death. Jennifer and Angel live with the hero until life in Chicago gets too dangerous, especially with Dragon becoming the primary target of CyberFace, the King of the World. Jennifer and Angel remained hidden, until CyberFace’s defeat. They return to Chicago, where they meet Dragon of the Image Universe and Jennifer falls in love with him, they soon get married. Angel is initially against the wedding but soon embraced life with Dragon and was even adopted by her new step-father. This newly formed family soon gets an unexpected addition of Mister Glum from Dimension-X, who is now stranded on Earth.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe:

Angel Travel Thru Dimension-X To Savage World

Angel as Battle Girl

Later Angel is taking care of an alternate universe Jennifer Murphy who is married to Herakles. When Universo arrived to consume the Earth, Angel with her step-brother Malcolm and several other children manage to avoid the end of the world with the help of WildStar, HotWire and SkyLark, who take them through a portal into Dimension-X. After four years of drifting through the constantly dangerous Void of Dimension-X, Angel and her friends crash land on Warworld Thrall where Angel is separated from her friends and found by She-Dragon. She and She-Dragon escaped to Savage World Earth, where the pair arrive just in time to witness Universo’s second assault on this Earth. Dragon and Angel are finally reunited with one another and when Dark Dragon and the Thrall native Battleaxe attack them in Alex Wilde’s apartment, Angel’s own dormant superhuman abilities kicked in. She is ecstatic with this revelation of her powers and she goes against the wishes of her step-father of being a superhero. Angel adopts the codename Battle Girl and announces her intention to become a super hero.

Angel Reunited With Her Brother Malcolm

Angel teams-up with Malcolm

Dragon sets off in search for his missing wife and leaves Angel in the care of Alex Wilde, hoping that she can assist her in catching up with her studies. Angel is also trained by SuperPatriot to become a better hero. Angel finds out that her alternate self has joined with Mister Glum who has conquered the planet using the God Gun. After the defeat of Mr. Glum who returns to Dimension-X with the other Angel, Malcolm and the other children land in Savage World. Dragon is reunited with his children and spends months with them as a happy family. Angel and Malcolm follow in their father’s footsteps in fighting super villains and team-up with other teen superheros like Invincible and Dynamo 5.

Angel and Dare-Devil

Dare-Devil and Savage Dragon

Angel meets the Golden Age hero Daredevil and becomes attracted to him. When Dragon is killed and later resurrected, he reverts back to his original persona of Emperor Kurr persona. Angel and Malcolm try to stop their father killing, but they are defeated by him every time. Angel seeks refuge with Daredevil and the Little Wise Guys at their clubhouse. Angel tells Daredevil her feelings toward him, but Daredevil tells her that she much too young for him. Later when Daredevil is in hospital after a fight with Kurr, Angel stay by his bedside until he wakes up. At Angel's birthday party Daredevil shows up unmasked with a gift, and Angel doesn't know it's him. Angel and her brother battle Kurr after he uses red mist plague that kills everyone on planet, Kurr then kills Angel. After this Dragon goes back in time and kills Kurr before he unleashes his plague and Angel is alive in the new timeline.

Savage World Universe:

Angel Travels To Dimension-X With Mr. Glum

A Teenage Angel

Despite Mister Glum’s constant claims to want to kill Dragon, the family accepts him pretty much from the start. Jennifer is the only person to voice any concern and when Glum’s machinations leave her crippled, she vanishes with her best friend Gertie Funt. Angel remains Glum’s companion and when her diminutive friend conquers the planet using the God Gun, she became his only trusted ally and they soon fall in love. Angel Dragon embraces her companion’s murderous nature and soon kills countless people herself. When Dragon destroys the God Gun and liberates Earth, Mister Glum has little choice but to flee for his life. Angel cannot bear been separated from Glum, so she joins him and they returned to Glum World. The couple then sets about conquering planets in Dimension-X, succeeding in claiming many worlds in only a short amount of time. Angel and Mr. Glum return to Earth with an army of monsters, when they are attacked by Kurr just after he unleashes the red mist plague, which kills Angel. After this Dragon goes back in time kills Kurr before he unleashes his plague and this Angel is alive in this new timeline.

Powers & Abilities


She has superhuman strength.


Her skin can't be pierced.

Other Versions

Hundreds of Angels From Different Universes

Hundreds of Angel (Unknown Universe)

Hundreds of Angel from different Universes were gathered together by Damien DarkLord to use as his super-human army. After the defeat of the DarkLords, Rex Dexter uses his dimensional portal to send the Angels back to their home realities.

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