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Arnold Dimple was a regular man who dated Debbie Harris. When Debbie fell in love with Savage Dragon, Debbie's mother called Arnold. Arnold took a gun and went to see this Dragon guy. But when Debbie answered the door instead of Dragon, obviously after spending the night in Dragon's apartment. Arnold lost it and he shot Debbie in the forehead. Then blew his own brains out and went to Hell.


The Fiend was created by Erik Larsen

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

Arnold Dimple

Arnold Dimple (The Fiend Entity)

In hell Arnold makes a deal with Devil. Arnold is turned into formless demon called Fiend, which feeds on humans' anger and could possess them. After the deal, he lost his memories, and only remembered his hatred towards Savage Dragon. He returned to earth and started to take control over various people who hated Dragon and attacked him.

Charley McArthur

In Charley McArthur

The Fiend entity first host was an accountant for the Chicago Police Department named Charley McArthur who hated Dragon, but he had nowhere near enough hatred for Dragon to kill him. Charley was shot dead by Frank Darling and his fellow officers, before the Fiend entity departed he vowed to find a more suitable host next time.

Doug Herman

In Doug Herman

The second host of the Fiend entity was Doug Herman, his hatred for Dragon was fueled by R. Richard Richards and his Chicago Voice newspaper. The new host was much stronger than last host, he beat Dragon until Doug realized that he had been tricked and lost his hatred for Dragon. He became weakened and was killed when Dragon snapped his neck.

Bonnie Harris

In Bonnie Harris

Bonnie Harris was mother of Debbie, and blamed Dragon for her death. This made her the perfect host for the Fiend and he offered her a chance to be his host willingly. She agreed to get their revenge on Dragon, as the Fiend she was most powerful than with other hosts. Bonnie as fiend resurrected Debbie and other dead police officers to attack Dragon. Bonnie refused to kill Dragon because his soul would go to Heaven with her daughter.

Boonie Goes To Hell

Boonie kills Dragon and sent soul to Hell

She returned and killed Dragon, sent his soul to hell with the help of a sorcerer. She watched Dragon in hell not suffering and went to Hell herself. While there Dragon figured out that Fiend is Arnold, which triggered Arnold 's memories. Bonnie was shocked to find that it was Arnold who actually shot Debbie and the two separated. Bonnie declared that she will no longer honor her deal with the Devil, but The Devil refused, and wanted to keep both Dragon and her in Hell. Then God arrived and defeated The Devil, Bonnie pleaded to God to go to Heaven, but God banished her to the depths of Hell. Arnold saw what happened to Boonie with God and he jumped into depth of Hell himself.

Powers and Abilities


He possesses people who hate the Dragon and transforms their body into a demon form.


He can also feed upon hatred to increase his powers.

Super Strength

Superhuman strength and invulnerability to a degree of the host's hatred.


He can generate immense amounts of flames and heat from mouth.


The Fiend can also fly.

The Fiend Entity

Height: Variable

Weight: Variable

Eyes: Red or Yellow

Hair: White

Other Distinguishing Features: The Fiend has red skin and is demonic looking with long

tongue and sharp-teeth.

Other Versions

Other Media


Fiend (Savage Dragon Cartoon)

The Fiend appeared in several episodes in Savage Dragon animated show.

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