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Citizen of Atlantis

Danik was born in Atlantis on the planet earth over 100,000 years before the current time in the Bright Universe. The Atlanteans evolved to near perfection thousands of years before the beings who would one day become Homo Sapiens even discovered fire.

The Atlanteans honed their abilities to a razor fine edge by following the Five Disciplines: Mind, Body, Spirit, Passion and Empathy. Danik was a student of the Spirit discipline, which focused the mental abilities of the individual. Danik's mental prowess was so advanced, he came to be considered the most powerfully mentally disciplined Atlantean who ever lived. So powerful was he, that he was able to free his mentor Amatus from a mental virus, and then subsequently destroy that same malady.

Diennara and Chaund, one of the premier Atlanteans couples, developed the philosophy of *Transition,* a culmination of the Five Disciplines which would allow the Atlanteans to break free of their physical evolution and become godlike beings.Danik was the leading figure in the years to come for the majority faction of Atlanteans who wised to undergo *Transition.* Solusandra, one of the younger and more headstrong Atlanteans was determined to undergo the change, but she was dissuaded by Danik and many others because she was unwilling to cast away all emotion during the transition process. She could not be kept from it, however, and accompanied the majority.

Capricia, Danik's best friend and potential love interest, was the leader of the faction who believed Transition should be postponed. Capricia and the others like her believed that the role of the Atlanteans on earth was to protect and guide humanity on its climb up the evolutionary ladder. Because of this belief, those electing to stay behind would lock themselves inside stasis tubes deep inside Atlantis in order to better survive the powerful backwash of energy unleashed during Transition.


Danik, Diennara, Chaund, Solusandra and the majority faction of Atlanteans flew into the air on the appointed day, and those staying behind entered their stasis tubes. Though concerned with Solusandra's refusal to discard all emotion, she was eventually proved correct. Solusandra soon becomes the most powerful among those who transitioned, and was now feared and despised by all her peers but for Danik.

Combining their powers, the other ascended Atlanteans attacked Solusandra and wiped her mind, leaving Danik—who was sympathetic to her—to watch over her. Danik slowly came to the realization that Solusandra was correct in her belief to keep hold of her emotions, and saw that she was the only Atlantean to have transitioned correctly.

Solusandra created a great many worlds throughout the Bright Universe. Now with her mind wiped, Danik proposed a "game" to her. She was to give her Sigil to one (sometimes two) inhabitants of each planet, thereby advancing them up to the top of the evolutionary ladder and imbuing them with great powers. Danik hoped to use these new and powerful people as an army against his fellow Atlanteans. This proves to be unnecessary, as Solusandra eventually regains her mind and is attacked by the other Atlanteans. When Solunandra breaks through to the Negation (Dark) universe during their battle, she tries to draw energy from the Negation itself. Charon, god of the Negation, tries to join with Solusandra, but the opposing powers are not compatible, and cause a forceful explosion that kills all other Atlanteans apart from Danik and herself. Solusandra survives by "breaking apart," sending parts of her memory and self-awareness into the many Sigils she had placed throughout the Bright Universe.

Danik also traveled to his original home of Atlantis and awoke his former best friend, Capricia. The Atlantean stasis tubes malfunctioned, and did not awaken those who stayed behind. Now they are wrenched back into the present over 100,000 years too late. He tells her to choose five more Atlanteans to awaken, and he then marks them all with his own Sigil, granting them refinements and increases to their own inborn powers. These newly awakened Atlanteans are immediately attacked by Negation monsters, the threat for which Danik now trained the universe's Sigil bearers to oppose.

Avatars of Danik

In order to better keep watch and mentor the Sigil-bearers spread across the universe, Danik splits himself into numerous splinter aspects. Each of these aspects, while being completely a part of Danik, are each also unique individuals. While Danik is a cold and unemotional being, many of his aspects show deep emotion. The real connection between the aspects is unknown, but they do not seem to share a group mind but rather must join together to share their accumulated knowledge.

Each of the individual avatars watches over one of the Sigil-bearers created by Solusandra, along with the six Atlanteans he brought back to awareness.

Known Aspects

Danik appears as himself in this aspect to interact with Capricia and the other Atlanteans on planet Earth. This aspect is also used to interact with Yala and Gannish of the First in Elysia.
JeMerik Meer is the mentor of Samandahl Rey of Gaia in his war against a race of hyper-advanced, genetically altered lizards called Saurians. JeMerik is the most emotional of the aspects, even falling in love with Roiya, a human woman whose consciousness has been transferred into the computer memory of a capitol ship. JeMerik gets Capricia to trick Sam Rey into fathering a child with her.

Neven is the mentor of Arwyn on the planet Quin. She aids Arwyn on her mission to kill Mordath although Neven is also his mentor as well. Arwyn is the only non-Sigil-bearer to be mentored by Danik, and he uses Neven to guide Arwyn in her quest to find and retrieve the five pieces of Ayden's arrow. Neven also gives Arwyn Ayden's bow, which is actually one of Atwaal's weapons.

The Muse of Giatan is mentor to both Sephie of Meridian and Ilahn of Cadador on the planet Demetria. The Muse is a tiny woman who acts as an old fortune-telling sage as she guides the pair of opposed Sigil-bearers. Ghetan is also another mentor of Sephie, and is actually a split of Danik from the Muse of Giatan.

Enson is thementor to Seahn, a Secundae of the First, of House Dexter (later Sinister). Enson works in concert with Wyture, and leads Seahn to one of Atwaal's weapons, and acts as a friend and "all-knowing" confidant to the brash Secundae.

Wyture is thementor to Persha, a Secundae of the First, of House Sinister (actually of both houses, being the daughter of Pyrem, leader of Dexter, and Ingra, leader of Sinister). Wyture works in concert with Enson to influence Persha to use her powers to see behind the scenes of the machinations of Dexter and Sinister.

Skink is the mentor to Prince Ethan of the Heron Dynasty on the planet Avalon. The Skink aspect is a member of the genetically created servants known as the Lesser Races. Skink teaches Ethan respect for life and gently prods the young man to make correct and moral decisions.

Skitter is the mentor of Giselle Villard on the planet Ciress. Skitter is a feline creature who trains Giselle in the use of her newly obtained vast magical powers.  
Andar was the name Danik took when he visited the creature known only as Yeti on a world closed off from magic by the Geometer Guild.  He stored a spark of magic on the world for Giselle to use later.

Zamida is a young woman and her child who are captured by Negation forces and taken to the Dark Universe. This aspect of Danik has split itself into two separate bodies in an effort to enter the Negation universe undetected by Charon. Obregon Kaine, an incredibly savvy human, and Khlystek, as Saurian female, help Zaida (the girl) and Memi (the baby) merge back into one single aspect of Danik by discovering the implanted trigger word: crossgenesis.
Po Po
Po Po is the mentor to Boon Sai Hong on the planet Han-Jin. Po Po is a monkey that enjoys getting drunk and otherwise being unavailable to Boon Sai Hong. Po Po is known to sit and watch people try to kill Boon Sai Hong, making sarcastic comments all along the way.

Too-Too is the mentor to Cassie Starkweather which appears to her as her dead grandfather. Cassie is bearer of Danik's own Sigil, a mark which grants her focus to her mental abilities. Too-Too prepares Cassie for her future confrontation against The Adversary.

Soujiro-San is the mentor to Obo-San on the planet Han-Jin. Obo-San inherited the Sigil when Todosi, his mentor and friend, used Atwaal's weapon against one of the First and was killed in the process. Enson was among the First when Obo-San took the Sigil, and he split Soujiro-San from himself to stay behind as watcher and guide.

The Stag-God
The Stag-god is the mentor to Brath of the Urelanders in his fight against invaders to his homeland. The Stag-god originally appeared as an animated statue of the god, and later guides Brath through visions and dreams.

Infoe is the mentor to Lindy Carston (otherwise known as Radiant) on the planet Heliotrope. Infoe was a small furry animal which usually appeared innocuous, but would become covered in blades if provoked. Infoe was killed by Solusandra, a death which was felt by all aspects of Danik due to their link with one another. As a result, Danik creates The Hound to track down and kill what the being that was capable of hurting one of his aspects.

Polla is the mentor to Dr. Kellra Tuskin, a psychic on the planet Cardeen. Polla apperas as a floating smiley face, possibly a computer-like being that serves as Dr. Tuskin's secretary.

Emma Bishop
Emma Bishop is the mentor and partner to Simon Archard, a detective on the planet Arcadia. Archard bears Danik's own Sigil on the end of a cane he always carries.

Nemases is the mentor to Mikos of the planet Abyelos. Nemases is a gargoyle/griffin-like creature.

The Hound, although not a true aspect of Danik. The Hound is created after Solusandra destroys Infoe, and is charged with hunting down and destroying the furry aspect's killer.

Note on CrossGen Comics

CrossGen Comics suffered bankruptcy and ceased publication before most of its major storylines could be brought to a conclusion. The company was building up to the Negation War, a massive crossover in which many of the company's characters would meet and interact. As a result of the bankruptcy, this crossover was never fully realized, and the ultimate fate of Danik remains unknown.

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