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Pyrem the War Hero

Pyrem is a member of the God-like beings known as the First. His name is derived from the word empathy and is supposed to govern his personality. This aspect of his personality allows him to be very understanding of others and he often seeks to find peaceful solutions to problems even though he excels in combat, thus earning him the nickname "the Diplomat". Pyrem is one of the first members of his race to be created, automatically making him one of six most powerful after Altwaal. Soon after their initial creation, a type of civil war broke out amongst the First as they tested their abilities by raging century long wars to see who was the most powerful and also to simply help pass the time. Altwaal eventually ended their warring ways and allowed for an era of peace for the First. During this time Pyrem began a romantic relationship with Ingra, one of the other six most powerful members of their race. While the members of the First enjoyed a peaceful existence with Altwaal as their supreme leader, some key members of the First decided that it was time for Altwaal to step down and allow a council to rule their race instead of one person. While Ingra was in support of this ideal, Pyrem was not, and as a consequence their relationship suffered since they would often quarrel about their differing beliefs over the fate of their race. Once the two split for good, Ingra hid the fact that she was carrying Pyrem's child, and instead pretended that another, Braag was the father, in order to make Pyrem jealous.

The First continued to debate the topic of who would rule them for quite some time until an assassination attempt of Altwaal occurred. The attempt failed and his lover, Raamia was killed instead. Because of his grief, Altwaal used his vast powers to bring Raamia back to life. This sparked the start of the First's second civil war. This war not only destroyed much of their home planet (which was easily restored because of their power) but it also destroyed other mortal civilizations and worlds when they took their battles to other sections of the universe. Pryem fought for the faction known as House Dexter and was one of Altwal's closest allies during the war. Altwaal abruptly ended the war when he created the Eidolon Rift that forced the members of the First to stay away from each other as it divided them them into two houses based on their ancient allegiances. After creating the Eidolon Rift, Altwaal then exiled himself from the home world of the First, Elysia, allowing everyone to believe that he had died when ending the war. However, Pyrem was informed before hand of Altwaal's plan and was given a prophecy when Altwaal told him that he had created a being of both Houses and that eventually, the First would be a united race again. While the fighting continued in House Dexter, it immediately ceased when Pyrem was announced as their leader. A council was then created, which Pyrem was an equal member of, that consisted of the ten wisest members of House Dexter. While Pyrem was still considered to be the official leader of House Dexter, the council often had to unanimously agree on something before deciding a plan of action. However, only Pyrem seems to have access to Altwaal's armory, which held Altwaals remaining Seven Weapons of Power.


Because Pyrem was one of the first six created after Altwaal, making him one of the most powerful members of his race. All members of the First are capable of the same type of power which includes, but is not limited to, super strength, speed, self propelled flight, single or mass teleportation, extra sensory perception, weapon creation, magic, the ability to control a number of energy types in a variety of ways, regeneration, telepathy, empathy, and the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without the need for food, water, or oxygen. The First are also capable of changing their physical appearance including their clothing with a thought, but many of them choose their external features based on how they feel about themselves. Some members of the First choose to perfect only a few of their abilities, although they still have access to all the rest.

Pyrem excels in many areas, including combat and is a glorified war hero and leader of armies among his people. With the aid of Altwaal's Guantlent, Pyrem was successful in defending himself against a large number of First from House Sinister, proving how powerful he truly is. Although hints throughout the series implied that Ingra had surpassed him in terms of power. Pyrem is also a gifted Empath, allowing him to understand and see things that most other members of his race can miss. An example of this ability involves Pyrem's initial encounter with his daughter Persha, where he learned, without being told, that he truly was her father and that Persha also had the ability to spy on other members of their race without their knowledge. Pyrem also has a unique connection with the air, which was an elemental gift given from Altwaal before he left Elysia, although, it was never fully explained how Pyrem used this gift.

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