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Cassie Starweather is one of Daniks Sigil-bearers. Hers is located on top of her head. This grants her the power to see the dead, make others see the dead, see monsters, and absorb a soul to cleanse it. Cassie was a normal girl on the gymnastic team until her best friend died in a freak accident that left her body contortet behind the closing bleachers.Cassie talked to the police and told them everything. When she went home and to bed she saw her best friend who died. The ghost ask Cassie for her help saying their after me. A portal to another dimension, which two inky dark figures come out. They grab the ghost and vanishes in the portal. Cassie parents hearing Cassie scream comes up and ask her what happens. She tell them everything, the next day she is in a office being checked into a Asylum. She explains to the head of the asylum that she always could see ghost. Cassie explains that she made herself stop having the visions after her parents took her to numerous doctors. Her parents leave her at the asylum promising to get her when she is all better. When night comes she goes to lay down only bad thing is her roomy is making wierd noises. The two black inky things come back and try to get Cassie. She runs into the basement of the Asylum and accidently runs into oone of the inky spirits. She gets a whole flash of his life and sees he was a serial killer and was eletrocuted. Just when they were about to grab her her grandad's ghost come. Cassie's grandad does something and scares the inkies away. He then tells her he has to unlock her gift and that this is only the beginning. She lets him thinking there is nothing else that can go bad. The head of the school calls her to his office and asks her what happened.(Learning it from the only one person Cassie trust a staff member) She leaves the office and a sexual remark is made to her by one of the janitors. She ignores and go to her room. Later on that night the janitor walks in and locks the door. Cassie thens see the janitor as he really is, hes a werewolf here to kill her. She manages to get away from him and now going to get her friend and get out. Then she sees him talking to the headmaster of the asylum. Their fussing about moving Cassie to another asylum. The headmaster bites a huge part of flesh from the staff's throat. Cassie runs end just to get pinned on the floor by the staff's body. She sees his ghost and then its taken away by the two inkies. The inkies tell the headmaster that The Adversary wants Cassies soul now. The headmaster tells them he got it under control the they take their leave. Cassie manages to get up and stab the headmaster in the eye, then she leaves on a bus.

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