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Ethan took part in a tournament held annually between the Heron and Raven kingdoms. However, before he took the field a strange person grabbed his arm and placed the sigil upon him. He won the tournament but scarred Bron for life. As his punishment Bron took him to the Raven Kingdom and slashed him with a dagger without giving him any aid to treat it so he would be scarred as well. During the night Ethan was healed and he attributed it to the sigil on his arm. He found that he could create weapons out of pure energy and use this energy to heal as well. He escaped the Raven dungeons and as he was escaping met princess Ashleigh of the Raven Kingdom. She was a member a resistance group that wanted to protect the lesser races from the Raven Kingdom's cruelty. Ethan rebuffed her offer to help but Ashleigh gave him a jewel that would allow him to find the sanctuary if he ever needed to. Ethan eventually came back to Ashleigh for help in killing Prince Bron who had become king after killing his father. However, Ethan was surprised to find that Bron had the same powers as he did because a member of the First had come and given them to him. Ethan escaped and along with Ashleigh tried to find a safe haven for the lesser races. They decided on Tournament Isle as the place and tried to establish their kingdom there.

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