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The Black Condor finds himself winging over Gotham City. Bonnie Robinson’s youngest sister Debbie had run away to Gotham, and Ned Smith enlists the Condor’s aid to find her.
Condor searches the Gotham Port Authority for Debbie, but cannot find her. After a heated confrontation with a bystander, Condor is taken to detention. While there, a hood named Joey Marchese tells Condor he can help him find Debbie. Condor breaks himself and Marchese out, and is noticed by Batman.
Marchese takes Condor from lead to lead, and latch onto finding Frank Vincent, a deviant. Meanwhile, Batman confers with Commissioner Gordon, who is also trying to find Frank Vincent in relation to the theft of a weapons stockpile. Batman tells Gordon of Condor’s involvement, and goes searching for Condor.
Marchese tricks Condor into being his henchman in an attempt to trick other gang members that he now works for Vincent. The two become caught up in a gang fight between Vincent’s men and another gang. Before the fighting can start, Batman arrives and gasses everyone with a rocket-propelled tear gas grenade. Vincent almost escapes, but Condor catches him and gives him to Batman and Gordon. In exchange, Batman passes along to Condor the location of Debbie: St. Ambrose Church.

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