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Ned Smith is a full-blooded Delaware Indian park ranger for New Jersey Parks and Forestry, stationed at Ranger Sub-Station #406 with his partner Eileen. Ned was a longtime friend of the second Black Condor, Ryan Kendall. In fact, it was Ned that gave the Black Condor his name. Ned guided Black Condor, helping him out, though unbeknownst to Black Condor, Ned could see the spirit of the original Black Condor, Richard Grey, who wanted Ryan Kendall to become a true hero.
Ned shared a few adventures with Black Condor over the course of their friendship. When Ned was kidnapped by a group of criminals on the run from the Philadelphia police, Black Condor saved his life. Ned was also instrumental in stopping the Ray from trying to kill Black Condor when the Condor mutated into a gargoyle-like creature.
Ned became romantically involved with Bonnie Robinson, a woman whom Ned and Black Condor rescued during their first adventure together.  

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