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The Black Condor is back in the New Jersey pinelands, testing out his new wing assembly with Ned Smith. The two are interrupted by Foster Whitcomb, a reporter with the Philadelphia Express. He has come out to find out the origin of this new hero called the “Black Condor,” and what his relation is to other heroes, like Black Canary and Hawkman. Condor blows him off, preferring to do real work. However, Ned promises Whitcomb the secret origin of the Black Condor.
While patrolling the pinelands, Condor comes across an overbearing father and his timid, ten-year-old son. The father is trying to push his son to become a “manly man” over their weekend camping. Condor secretly approaches the kid, offering to help out and stage a scheme. Condor begins harassing the father, moving too fast for the father to see. The son comes bravely out of the woods, and forces the Condor to leave. The father is proud that his son stood up for him, and the Condor happily leaves.
Meanwhile, Ned spins a yarn about the “origin” of the Black Condor: a young boy whose parents died in the pinelands and who was raised by condors. The condors raised the young boy to be their ambassador to the world, sent out to “do only good.” Whitmore seems to swallow the story, however, he soon looses interest when the father and son return, bragging about how the son fought off the Jersey Devil.

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