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The Shark emerges from the Delaware River and begins terrorizing the people of Philadelphia, looking for the Black Condor.
Meanwhile, the Black Condor feels good to be back in the New Jersey pinelands after his business with the Sky Pirate last issue. Ned Smith shows Condor television footage of the Shark's rampage, however Condor refuses to help. He explains to Ned that he is not a super-hero, and that there are a lot of others that can stop the Shark. Ned convinces Condor to stop Shark for the greater good, and Condor acquiesces.
Condor flies to Philadelphia, and confronts the Shark. The Shark speaks of a primal need between them, as predators, to fulfill their destiny as enemies. When the Condor disregards the Shark's logic, the Shark attacks. However, during the fight, a telepathic voice screams at the Condor. Condor ignores the Shark, and leaves to answer the telepathic voice. The Shark, convinced that the Condor is a coward, leaves.
The telepathic shout at the Condor came from a young girl who was dumped out on the street by the Society of the Golden Wing. Evidently, the young girl is from the Condor's past, and recognizes Condor as Ryan Kendall. Trying to follow the Condor/Shark fight, the young girl is confronted by a gang. As the gang attempt to rape the young girl, she lets out a shout that sends the gang flying to their deaths. Condor comes across the dead gang, however the girl is long gone.
While this is all going on in Philadelphia, back in the pinelands Ned is approached by an apparition of the original Black Condor, asking for an update on Ryan's progress. He tells Ned that Ryan has a great destiny in front of him, and that Ned must guide Ryan to become a hero.







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