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First 'Superman: Unbound' Trailer Arrives

Get an extended look at DC's next animated film!

Marvel might have the edge when it comes to feature films, but DC is destroying when it comes to animated releases. The beyond epic The Dark Knight Returns: Part 2 just came out and now we're already getting a glimpse at the next animated feature!

Based on Geoff Johns' Brainiac story in ACTION COMICS #866-870, the story focuses on Superman (Matt Bomer) attempting to defend Earth from the classic villain (John Noble). As you can see in the trailer, it'll also include Supergirl (Molly C. Quinn), Lois Lane (Stana Katic) and the Kandor, the capital of Krypton.

No exact date has been released yet but the film is slated to come out on blu-ray/DVD and digital download this year. Viners, does this look like a must buy for you?

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Posted by SmashBrawler

@G_Money_Christmas said:

@SmashBrawler said:

I'm just going to post this again.

Actually, in that particular scene, he says, "Now that's what I call a close encounter." He says "Welcome to Earth" Directly after he punches it and doesn't have the cigar in his mouth. Sorry, I pretty much have that movie memorized. It's one of my favorites.

I know. I was just referencing Independence Day.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

@SmashBrawler: Gotcha. I probably wouldn't have thought of that if you hadn't put that picture up there but I knew the exact line when i saw the picture haha

Posted by yo_yo_fun

Looks good! Can't wait!

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Sexist Pigs!

Where is WW's second animiated film!

a movie has to be profitable to warrant a sequel

The film was profitable.It outsold GL,Justice League,some Superman and Batman films.

Posted by Lvenger

This looks pretty great! Good voice acting cast, excellent adaption and it doesn't look too bad. Can't wait to watch this!

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Posted by DocFishstick

looks great

Posted by sethysquare

flap flap flap

Posted by AmazingWebHead

And it looks like "Panic in the Sky" will be an influence.

That reminds me, I still need to see The Dark Knight Returns pt2.

Posted by CODYSF

I;m so getting the movie

Posted by Perfect 10

i thought they might leave supergirl out, glad they kept her in. cant wait to see it. loved the comic

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Posted by lilben42

@moywar700: Yeah but it took a long time to be profitable?

Posted by DMXN

Superman's face is just ridiculous

Posted by FatihBATMAN

shows promise! nice!

Posted by kagato

Love the art style but does the voice acting seem a little wooden to anyone else? I love the previous DC animated movies so ive high hopes for this one.

Posted by KRYPTON

Lol "The Machine is Coming" sounds like a Terminator teaser.

Posted by TheEd

Hahahaha. Mediocrity at its finest. That trailer is the funniest thing I've seen today.

Posted by lilben42
Posted by radraversion2

can't wait to see how this turns out..

Posted by ShowboatingPenguin
Uh, wasn't the Wonder Woman animated movie based on Gods and Mortals?
Posted by lilben42

@ShowboatingPenguin: well I meant to say the circle but somehow Gods and Mortals came out.

Posted by InnerVenom123
Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Looks promising. The animation is fluid, and the voice acting isn't too shabby. However, I am longing for a Flash animated debut.

Posted by Timotheus316

Molly Quinn as Supergirl for the win. And since when is Brianiac from the Ukraine??

Posted by Dud317

If you can't figure out Clark and Superman are one in the same with a head shaped like that, you're an idiot.