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    Has anyone considered that it might actually be The Joker? Sure he wouldn't have the tech...but its not like he hasn't teamed up with intergalactic criminals before..

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    @meatwadf said: @soa said: the only thing I liked about star wars was the jedi/sith stuff, could care less about han solo / millennium falcon(given it is almost as iconic as the score) but I could ca...

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    The rebirth of the Chaos universe...i feel like im in the 90s again, ive missed Ernie and his quest for Megadeath, time to read the old series again starting with Youth gone wild ^_^

  • kagato wrote a review of Engines of Vengeance, Part 4.
    Things being to heat up for Robbie

    GoodAll New Ghost Rider has been hurtling along at break neck speed since the very first issue and it shows no signs of slowing down here. Following directly on from the previous issue (so not a good...

  • kagato wrote a review of Pure Insanity.
    A new beginning for Taskforce X

    It isn’t easy writing a book for a villain, given their very nature most readers wont identify with someone who is for all intents and purposes, a psychopath. This is part of the reason we see a...

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    Excellent review, had dropped off comics for a few months due to moving house and the expense that generates, glad I have come back at a natural jumping on point.