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    Yo! what happened to best art/fights/covers of the week?!
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    hey guys please check out my very amateur website and leave some feedback thanks, http://nightwingnews.weebly.com/
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    Hey I'm having a tag team cav, need a few more people if you would like to join just let me know
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    Hello. I'm new here so please add me
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    Hey k4tzm4n how u doin bro
  • mohammedalkhater posted on k4tzm4n’s wall.
  • The_GodOfAnime posted on k4tzm4n’s wall.
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    For the vine bro, For the vine.
  • terry2012 posted on k4tzm4n’s wall.
    Sorry for being late I just now heard about this. But why are you no longer a staff member? I miss your articles, Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles updates, and Battle of the Week.
  • JesterSmiles posted on k4tzm4n’s wall.
    Hi there , Sorry to hear you are no longer a staff member I will miss your awesome articles on indie titles like Unity and TMNT but my fellow viner want to know the status of Battle of the week?
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    Good morning, K4. Just wondering about Character of the Month and Battle of the Week. Are we not going to have these this month? I'm sure I probably just missed when you talked about it.
  • comicfan11 posted a message in the forum topic Who Would You Rather Be: Namor or Aquaman?. on the Gen. Discussion board

    Aquaman, expecialy currently.Better powers, equipment, personality, companion, supporting cast, position in the DC universe, resources and an Atlantis that hasn't been decimated by Wakanda.Namor curr...

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    Oh lord.

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    @jimmy_rustler said:naughtytitan, agent41, wardemon32...oh wait I read the title all wrong. I thought this was a thread where you're supposed to name your 'least' favorite viners.Oops

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    What da hell? It's even here? xDP.S. Blue and gold.

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