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"Zachary Zatara"

He is the cousin of Zatanna and the nephew of the late Zatara, Zatanna's father. He learned of his powerful family in the wake of the Infinite Crisis. At the same time Zachary's magic powers manifested. Like his cousin, he was able to cast spells using backwards incantations.

His personality is special. He acts like an immature adolecent. He is the kind of "playboy" man who likes parties and is around a lot of people but he really doesn´t have friends. His only friends are the Titans and Bunny who is his assistant during his shows.


Zachary Zatara was created by Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel. He first appeared in Teen Titans #34

Character Development

Starting out with no powers and lost years after Infinite Crisis Zachary briefly joined the Teen Titans. Zachary thoughout his appearance's had awlays boasted and about his abilities even calling himself "the world's greatest and most popular teenaged magician". He has also always be selfish, arrogant and immature but despite all his faults Zachary seems to be genuniely care for and love Raven.

Teen Titans

Kid Devil defending his friend

During the One Year Later story arc, Zachary joined the Teen Titans. As a Titan Zachary formed a close relationship with Kid Devil, eventually helping his new friend find Neron and get his powers. However, following a disastrous mission in New Azarath, Zatara chose to leave the team and pursue a career.

Zachary thinking on Raven

The newly reformed Teen Titans team visited Zatara in Tokyo during their trip around the world in search of Raven When the Teen Titans went around the world to find Raven they asked Zach about her and he told them he didn´t know where she was. He was rude with them. He had a photograph of Raven in his wallet, after saw it he tried to help the Titans but they left him as he wanted. He looks to be really in love with her, it isn´t common to see Zat with such a serious look for a woman.

Zachary also helped the Titans in the short series World War III, where the team tried to stop Black Adam's murderous rampage in Greece. He later left the Titans again.

Zachary in "52" talking with Raven

In 52 Zachary apparently had a close friendship with Raven. Perhaps their connection was just for their magic powers but Zach demostrated us lately he has feelings towards her. In a funeral where the Teen Titans were supposed to break up he asked to learn more about each other but she said she couldn´t because Gar needed her more. He looked dissapointed.

Zachary, Black Alice and Traci 13 were sent to an illusional world where Zachary was married with his ex-girlfriend and with kids. This was an illusion and he noticed it. His girlfriend was supposed to be death. He worked with Black Alice and Traci 13 to defeat the villian who sent them to that weird world with their magic.

Zachary has not real friends around him (except his assistant). He is a braggart and has been labeled a brat among his peers for his boasting and impatience.

Recently, he visited Zatanna in Las Vegas and made a party at her house. She was mad with him and asked him to go with Bunny (she was with him). He did it but when he left her Zatanna was attacked by three fire demons. Coming back in Zatanna's apartment to apologise again, Zachary is attacked by the fire demon's himself. Defending himself Zatanna was able to use the distraction to destroy the demon's with holy water sending them back to Hell. Quickly both Zachary and Zatanna use their magic to repair the trashed hotel room while talking about their career, heroics and their childhood where Zatanna taught Zachary magic tricks. Before Zachary leaves his cousin promises him that she will be at his late show even telling him to save her a front row seat with the hope that his cousin will finally come to one of his shows Zachary teleport's back to his own dressing room.


Later we see Zachary at his own show about to perform a trick that Zatanna taught him apparently one of the first he ever mastered. Looking down on the crowd Zatanna hasn't shown disappointing him again. At the after party Zachary is frustrated and annoyed that his cousin missed another one of his shows and storms off, Bunny however calms him down enough and he teleport's to Zatanna's dressing room to find out her latest excuse for missing his show again. Arriving at the venue the cast and crew tell Zachary that Zatanna his disappeared with Sonny Raymond(actually Benjamin Raymond). Tracking her down Zachary crashes the fake wedding ceremony and after being blasted and surrounded by the deceased corpses of Raymond's other victims he manage's to break the spell that was controlling Zatanna. Once freed the demon God Mammon appear's and attacks Zachary and Zatanna, fighting the demon off Raymond's own contract with Mammon is now void as he had failed to gain Zatanna's soul and he begins to age. To distract the demon God Zachary magically controls the car's around them to strike Mammon giving Zatanna enough time to show mercy to Raymond and transform him into a solid rock of gold. Convincing Mammon that this will cause much more desire and greed among the mortal's Mammom approves and leave's Zachary and his cousin alone. After the battle is over Zachary performs another show only this time with Zatanna in the crowd cheering him on.

The next time we see Zachary he and his cousin are finishing up a performance. To Zatanna's dismay they attend the after party and Zachary leaves Zatanna at the bar, running off with a girl he had just meet Zatanna realises who the woman is and as she catches up with them it is revealed that the woman is a Succubus from Japanese mythology. Taking control of Zachary the Yuki-onna(the succubus) starts a battle between Zachary and his cousin. As the fight continues Zatanna realises that if she doesn't save her cousin and soon then he will short out and die, hoping Yuki-onna doesn't know the weakness of their magic Zatanna's plan succeeds and Zachary is free. In classic Zachary style he brushes off the attack and leave's with another girl at the now demolished club.


Zachary talking about his powers

Zachary Zatara can use magic to a variety of effects by speaking a backwards incantation like his cousin. His powers are not as strong as those of his cousin, and he is unable to influence people with his magic. He can, however, affect doves, and objects.

Alternate Version

In the story Arc Titans Of Tomorrow it is revealed that Zachary becomes a member of Titans of Tomorrow and goes by the name Zatara. This future version of the Teen Titans has been erased but Zachary could still be a Titan in the future.

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