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Dodge was a kid who wanted to be a hero. He ran into Robin (Tim Drake) a few times and tried to partner up, but Robin told him to go home since he just got in the way. One night, Dodge really did get in the way when Robin was trying to stop some kidnappers and his teleportation belt got damaged. Dodge was left in a coma and after the battle, Robin took him to a hospital. Robin, feeling responsible, visited regularly until one day Dodge disappeared. He showed up some time later but wasn't himself. His skin had been turned to a shimmering red and he was mad. He was shown selling a dangerous drug that turned normal people into meta-human murderers. His hope was that they would eventually meet Robin and kill him. His body vanished during a battle with Robin, Zachary Zatara and Rose Wilson . He is now presumed dead.


 Dodge is a powerful teleporter. He originally wore a stolen belt made by his father, an employee at STAR labs. After an accident where the belt shorted out, he absorbed all of the energy from it and developed the ability teleport on his own.

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