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The son of two missionaries Kid Crusader was devastated when he found the dead bodies of his parents. Believing their murders to the be the work of Satan he vowed to fight evil at any cost. Some time later Kid Devil showed up at his sunday school seeking help. Upon seeing Kid Devil's demonic appearance Kid Crusader felt that he had to "save" him. Deathstroke recruited him for Titans East solely to battle Kid Devil. In a church Kid Crusader successfully exorcised Kid Devil only to have the demon possess him. Now under demonic control, Kid Crusader still sought to destroy Kid Devil because he believed he would go to hell & never see his parents again. Raven was able to transfer the demon's essence back into Kid Devil.


Kid Crusader does not appear to have any "super" powers. He wields a cross that can shoot electricity as well as a number of other demon hunting weapons. Kid Crusader has a considerable knowledge of arcane magic, particularly in the field of exorcism.

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