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Professor X reveals something about his past as a child: after the death of his father during a nuclear accident in Alamagordo, Dr. Kurt Marko (a friend of his father) married Xavier's mother ( Sharon) to help raise him, and to take control of Xavier's money. Dr. Marko had already a boy, Cain Marko, an evil boy that always bullies Xavier. When Xavier discover his mental powers he becomes very good in everything, from classes to sports because of his powers. Cain was always jealous about Xavier. Years later, during the Korean War, the two brothers were together for the last time, when Cain entered a cave and found a gem ( Crimson Gem of Cyttorak) that morphs himself into the Juggernaut.

Meanwhile the story has been told by Xavier to his students, the X-Men are preparing defenses inside the X-Mansion. The Juggernaut is approuching and easily destroying every defense armed by the X-Men. Suddenly, the Juggernaut finally enters the mansion and the room where the X-Men are.

This is the first story with Xavier's mother, Kurt Marko and Xavier's stepbrother, the Juggernaut.

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Red-headed Stepchild 0

Ok...I have passed on talking about this particular thing for far too long, but how many slip and fall accidents have been caused by Iceman's ice slaloms?I mean, even if it does melt, he still leaves gigantic puddles of water everywhere he goes. Those puddles could cause people to unsuspectingly injure themselves or do a bad bit of property damage. Forget them blasting their way through your living room, the water damage to the furniture would be disastrous, and I bet his room always smells like...

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X-Men # 12 - The Origin of Professor X 0

X-Men # 12 - The Origin of Professor X is a comic book published by Marvel Publishing & released on 7 / / 1965   : Well TB's  I know this is  not a DC Comic book , is  one of the few Marvel comic Book I have , but it has 3 of  the men I as veiw comic book  gods , Stany Lee  , Jack Kriby  & Alex Toth yes the creator of Space Ghost , Mighty Mightor , The Wounder Twins  , Wounder Dog  the list goes  on  , plus It had favorte marvel character Cain Marko yes " I'm Juggernaut B@#$!!" himself  ...

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