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Professor X gather the X-Men to find a new powerful being. Elsewhere, the Stranger is drawn to Magneto’s base. Magneto and Mastermind show the Stranger their mutant powers. Then, the Stranger shows the Brotherhood his power and destroys the base with a single blast of power. The Stranger also turns Mastermind into solid matter. Angel finds where Magneto is and the X-Men battle the evil mutants. Shortly after, the Stranger teleports away with Magneto and Toad, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are left behind, and the X-Men invite them to join the group, as they deny, saying that they will go back to Europe. Mastermind is also left behind, and the X-Men take him to the X-Mansion for analyses of his health.

Meanwhile, Magneto tries to force the Stranger into joining his mutants but the Stranger rebels and easily defeat and imprisons Magneto and Toad in a strange cocoon. The X-Men report to the Professor and he warns them that the Stranger could destroy the universe. The X-Men find the Stranger but the Stranger leaves the Earth, taking Magneto and Toad with him.

This is the first appearence of The Stranger.

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The Stranger Appears 0

Though this issue relies on the too-familiar structure of most X-Men issues to date, it breaks the mold (finally) by the end for an actual satisfying deus-ex-machina ending.  The cover sets the tone for something different: finally Stan and Jack did not clutter the cover with the juvenile slogans and graphic art that have distracted most of the Marvel covers up to this point.  By this point, the reader base had to have been big enough that they didn't need to draw childish attention to themselve...

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Magneto Takes a Sabbatical 0

I started to get my hopes up to early it seems. The first couple of issues were not good, then it seemed to get a little better, and then the last couple of issues destroyed my hopes again. Damn you Stan...I know I had heard that you're writing was not good, and that you got by on your family connections and an admittedly good business sense, but really? This is just awful.Homo-sapien: 0Homo-superior: 1Issues like these really makes me wish I hadn't like Stan Lee so much. I should have know bett...

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One of the worst issues of early X-Men 0

Issue #11 of The X-Men is one of the worst issues of the early X-Men comics. The writing here is abysmal, particularly where it concerns the sci-fi elements, including the various characters powers and how they use them. Here are just some of the problems with this issue:the thing starts off with pseudoscience on the splash page with a 'radar image beam' that Professor X uses to, "detect the presence of other mutants" (isn't that what cerebro is for?).The functioning of the radar image beam is w...

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