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The X-Men were training inside Danger Room with Cyclops as their leader, when Professor appears and give them a little vacation. Hank and Bobby go out with Zelda and her friend Vera, when they run into a strange guy, witch shows some powers just like Beast and Iceman. Jean Grey was shopping and also run into the strange guy, and he start to use her mental powers then. He realizes that he had just found the X-Men, and follows Jean to Xavier's mansion. There, while he talks to Xavier, he starts to sense Cyclops powers, and then wings become to grow on his backs, just like Angel's. He puts on a uniform and starts to battle with the X-Men inside the Danger Room, defeating them and hijacking Marvel Girl to his HQ. Once there, he starts to tell Jean his story:

When he was young, he enters his father lab, blows a beaker and inhales the gas. After that day, he starts to mimic the abilities of others that are near him. He wants the X-Men powers to find a machine that his father had built before his death and are buried.

When the other X-Men arrive, he mimics his powers and finally reach the machine. But when he uses the machine, instead of becoming stronger and with permanent powers, he lost his power of mimics.

The first appearence of Mimic and Vera Cantor.

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Power is a fleeting thing 0

The X-Men  have already faced several enemies whose powers make them constant threats, Now there is one who experiences power for some fleeting minutes and then watches it fade away.   The introduction features the X-Men in another training session in the Danger Room. Most of them find the exercises boring, with the exception of Iceman who is working on target practice and realizes he is no Hawkeye. Robert and Warren annoy each other and are about to fight. When a blast by Cyclops reminds them t...

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