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Confronted by the Juggernaut in the mansion, Professor X tries unsuccessfully to defend himself by using telepathy, but Juggernaut is wearing his psionic helmet. The X-Men step in, using combined powers to fight the Juggernaut.

Professor X retreats to use his new "mento-helmet". This device boosts his powers and he sends a mental wave across the city looking for help.

The mental wave is received by the Teen Brigade and Mat Murdock, but neither the Brigade nor Murdock are able to respond. Finally, the wave reaches young Johnny Storm, who does not quite trust his senses.

The X-Men take a tremendous beating at the hands of Juggernaut, the highlight being Beast luring him into the danger room and giving him his moneys worth.

Meanwhile, Professor X is able to convince Johnny to come to the aide of the X-Men, and together they defeat Juggernaut. Professor X then erases Johnny's memories of the event and sends him on his way.

Ending on a comical note, Professor X promises each of X-men a "reward" when they are rested up....

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One of the X-Men's Most Memorable Battles 0

This issue is pretty much an all-out battle between The X-Men and The Juggernaut inside the X-Men's mansion. There are a handful of minor quibbles here, including editorial mistakes like Marvel Girl referring to her telekinesis as 'teleportation' (again), and an annoying (but thankfully brief) cameo by the 'Teen Brigade', oh, and a Danger Room door made out of wood... but overall, this issue is about action - a non-stop battle - and as such, it's better than most issues.The Juggernaut is loose ...

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Fatty Legs McGee vs The Wheel Chair Wonder 0

The unstoppable Juggernaut versus a cripple in a wheel chair? Who you got?Dammit Stan! You can't even be bothered to proof read your own writing can you? Don't give me any crap...Liquid Paper was invented in 1955 so you don't have any excuses. PROOF READ YOUR SHIT! Hehe...even as I write the in all caps, I realize that I barely, if ever proof read my writing. Then again, I'm not getting paid for this either. So, Stan forgets that Jean is a telekinetic and a telepath, and writes the word "telepor...

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Delivery: Failure 0

Here is another example of the problem with the early Marvel Age: incredible villains, too powerful to be beaten realistically.  After a pretty intense build-up/introduction in the previous issue, with Xavier proclaiming how unstoppable he was all the time, we probably should have been prepared for a let down with how the X-Men were going to defeat a supposedly unconquerable foe.  The brief cameo by Daredevil is a nice touch; the lengthier appearance of Johnny Storm was also a nice aspect of the...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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