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Deathbird and Bishop have crash-landed on a planet full of murderous aliens.

It's Deathbird and Bishop like you never seen them before. Cornered! Outnumbered! Stranded on a hostile alien planet! Will their alliance hold or will betrayal and loyalty separate them forever?!


Bishop and Deathbird have managed to survive being shot down by that deathstar-like ship a few issues back. Unfortunately, they have arrived on a war torn planet of freakish monsters and a whole lot of sand. Once there, they are almost immediately attacked by the nomadic locals.

They manage to stay alive with the help of another off-worlder named Karel who saves them from certain death. The three of them try to find a way off the planet as it is overrun by smugglers and thieves. They learn of a way off the planet and rush to its location, braving the harsh deserts and surviving attacks by strange creatures.

When they get there, the death star wannabe aliens arrive. They are called Chnitt and they stage an attack on Bishop, Deathbird, and Karel. The locals get slaughtered and Karel and Deathbird want to flee while they can. Bishop, ever the hero, decides he must stop the aliens before they cause any more harm to the natives so he rushes off to save them.

Deathbird is then torn; should she stay with her “love” or flee for her life? Bishop eventually downs the alien mother ship on the planet. After the ship is destroyed, Bishop races back to the gateway they were to escape through, but it closes before he can reach it. He can't believe that Deathbird abandoned him. Luckily for him, she had a change of heart and had not actually left. Bishop and Deathbird then make plans to escape now that they are together again.

Light years back on Earth, the original X-Men are packing up to go back to New York. As they say their goodbyes, Jean senses the battle between the Shadow King and Psylocke, but before she can do anything she experiences a psychic backlash and is rendered catatonic.

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