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In Alaska, the X-Men battle a strange swarm of crows. Does this signal the coming of the Crow God? Meanwhile in space, Bishop and Deathbird are on a collision course with a planet!

As the five original X-Men, in their civilian identities, are about to enjoy dinner at an Anchorage, Alaska, restaurant, the crows that have been gathering in the area begin to attack the people on the street. Witnessing this, the five go into action, but not wanting to blow their cover, they keep the use of their powers to a minimum. Amid the chaos, a local Inuit rants about the coming of Chulyen, the Crow God.

Soon, Officer Chris Miller arrives to lend a hand, firing his rifle to frighten the birds away. Bobby Drake yells that the Indian is responsible, but Miller is skeptical, pointing out that the man, who calls himself "Moon Wolf", is seen by the citizems as an eccentric.

In New York City, Dr. Agee continues to study Rogue's DNA, determined to "cure" her as he did his sister. He speaks to Rebecca, his sister, who is now a hideously deformed creature kept in a tank in his lab.

In outer space, Deathbird's damaged spacecraft hurtles toward a star. Bishop demands that she end the charade of trying to convince him he is paralyzed, and release him from the medical equipment to which he's bound. Deathbird relents and Bishop succeeds in altering the ship's course, but can't avoid freefall toward a nearby planet.

The X-Men are back at Scott Summers' cabin, and have regrouped and decided to go into action in their heroic identities. For a moment, Jean Grey has a flashback to the early years of the X-Men, visualizing her teammates in their past outfits. Re-entering the fray, Iceman snatches up Moon Wolf, thinking he controls the crows. Angel and Beast fly over a refinery where the crows drink from and bathe the waters into which pollutants pour. As Cyclops and Phoenix battle the birds, she notices one of the crows is a mechanical construct and presumes they are being directed by an unseen source. And, as the X-Men had feared, several citizens express anti-mutant biases upon seeing them, although some, including Chris Miller, change their minds when their lives are saved.

Eventually, the X-Men gather at the same point, where Moon Wolf rants as the crows amass to form Chulyen. Using all his power, Cyclops blasts into the center of the flock, finally dispersing the birds. As the physically drained Cyclops tries to recover, the rest argue about the cause of the attack, each with his own conflicting theory.

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