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The Twelve that were prophesized to usher in a new mutant age have been revealed. But why do all roads lead to Apocalypse?

The X-Men have finally reunited as a whole to battle a secret but upcoming threat, Professor Xavier briefs them on what he has learned about Destinies diaries, he states that what is written in her diaries are truly coming to pass and that they must prepare for the up-coming event's, suprisingly there is a stranger among the X-Men, a Skrull, the X-Men assault it with everything they have until Kitty steps in and tells them that he comes in peace as she has learned the Skrull language while on their home-world, he explains that he only wants a safe haven and will try to help them anyway it can, Peter checks up on his brother Mikhail who's condition apparently seems to be getting better but he still fears for the worse, Moria assures him that all will be well and that he only needs some more rest, an angry Lorna says that she does not want to keep waiting around anymore and wants to find Havok as soon as possible as one of the evil Skrulls took his costume, the only thing Lorna had left of him after his sudden death and something that signals if he is alive or not.

the Living Monolith makes his boastful appearance but is halted by sinister who states that he serves only him, the Monolith states he serves no-body but Sinister makes sure that his allegiance is to him only by zapping his forehead with a fatal lazer leaving him dazed, Rogue confirms to the Professor that Lorna has agreed to stay with the rest of them for the night as well as Beast and Moira getting to work in the medi-lab so they may as well get started, Charles tells them that Destinies predictions may or may not have been real as the Skrulls explanation have only confused things more, Rogue then buts in and tells Charles that while she was under Irene's care she never heard of any diaries, she also states that Destiny only told people of premonitions if they were to happen immediately but not of those in the distant future as they could lead to destruction, Charles then says that the Journal is authentic as it gets but the information in it is too difficult for them to understand but he was able to get the names of 11 X-Men, Xavier, Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, Sun fire, Polaris, Cable, Bishop, Mikhail Rasputin, The Monolith and is then interrupted by Archangel who questions what the Monolith is doing in that list, Jean wonders if it's a new Monolith, Marrow questions why she and the other X-Men weren't part of the 11 X-Men, Jubilee tells her that it gets old fast, Kurt tells them that it is only a list so how would it help them, Storm says that the Skrulls and their leader are extremely interested in those people so they need to find out why quickly, Kitty and Warren figure out how they are going to contact the rest of the twelve while Marrow thinks that it wont work due to the Wolverine search, Kitty tells her that he is being masked by their tracking devices but she has not given up on him yet, Gambit tells them that if things go as they go then the bad guys will find them instead while Charles mentions that's why they need to be prepared, the rest of the X-Men then leave to go and train in the Danger room while Cyclops and Phoenix stay to talk with Charles, Scott mentions that the whole situation is yet again dragging Jean and himself back into the X-Men away from their ordinary lives even though the Professor could call upon other X-teams to save the world for him, the Professor says that he understands Scotts concerns and then mentions his nightmare on the Skrull space-ship and discovered that there was someone or something pulling the strings and of how they could have destroyed all of the X-Men but only took Wolverine, Scott mentions that just something else, then Charles states that all the more reason that he needs those two with the X-Men more than ever now as times are dangerous, he then tells them that he only previously mentioned 11 names from the list of the 12 and then announces to them that he needed to go to the twelfth mutant in person, Magneto.

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