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Namor and Spider-Man are prime bait for the Frightful Four, and find themselves on the defensive when they must retreat for their lives. Namor returns to Atlantis, while Peter continues to search for his beautiful neighbor. But when Peter finally catches up to the mystery girl, he finds a beautiful villainess instead! Enter, Llyra of Atlantis!

By My Powers Shall I Be Vanquished!

Continued from last issue. After being zapped by The Wizard's strange weaponry, both Spider-Man and Namor were put through terrible physical and mental agony. Due to the interference of the police, the Frightful Four had no choice but to make their escape, leaving the two heroes to their pain and suffering.

As both heroes returned to their respective home base, Peter sought comfort for his pain from his new beautiful acquaintance, but could not locate her in her apartment. Instead, he was forced to turn to a sympathetic Debra Whitman and fell unconscious at her doorstep. After taking care of him for more than half a day, however, Peter rejected her request to see a Broadway show and the breakfast she had prepared for him, claiming that he had to be somewhere else. Instead, Peter was returning on his search for his "new girl friend," whose name he realized he didn't even got a hold of, let alone her number.

Hopping on a cab, Peter returned to the hotel and learned that 'the girl of his dreams' had moved to another room. After changing into his red and blues to visit her, he was suddenly knocked out from behind by Sandman. Upon awakening, the Wizard revealed that his device had actually transferred Spider-Man's Spider Sense onto Namor, right before he attached one of his anti-gravity discs onto Spider-Man's torso and sent him floating into space.

Namor arrived just in time and rescued Spider-Man. They returned to the building and defeated the Wizard and Trapster, while Sandman made his escape amidst the chaos. Hoping to make the proper transfer of the Spider Sense into Spider-Man's mind, they sought aid from Reed Richards to make the transfer back.

After the transfer was complete, they took their separate ways. When Spider-Man returned to the hotel, however, the beautiful new acquaintance finally revealed herself to be Llyra, just before Namor arrived all of the sudden and knocked her unconscious. As the Prince of Atlantis carried the deceiving villain back to his home for punishment, a humiliated Spider-Man sought to finally return to Debra Whitman, hoping she would forgive him.


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, The Human Torch In "Blown About"

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