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Blues For Lonesome Pinky!

After threatening a biochemist, Dr. Kisseck into providing a poison for him, Ramrod used it on the customers of a bar in Brooklyn, which also included Debbie Whitman and Biff Rifkin.

Having only 90 minutes to save them before they the poison kills them, Spider-Man rushed to Dr. Kisseck's apartment and learned of the antidote in ESU. Back at the bar, Lonesome Pinky, using his music, was stalling the customers driven crazy by the poison. In doing so, he discovered he was meant to sing the blues, rather than the awful western the patrons of the bars had previously jeered him for, while they still had their sanity.

In the end, Spider-Man managed to stop Ramrod using a magnetic crane, while making back to the bar in time to cure the poisoned folks. Lonesome Pinky became a hero, but due to the harsh blow suddenly dealt onto him regarding his Western singing, he didn't know to be happy or devastated.


  • Featuring the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Hulk VS. The Phoomie Goonies

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