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Guest-starring Matt Murdock, attorney without fear! Spider-Man needs a strong defense after breaking into Ryker’s Island to investigate recent escapes. Why are super-powered villains breaking out of prison with relative ease? Imprisoned behind bars, this is one undercover assignment Peter Parker can’t walk away from!

Peter Parker -- Criminal!

Trying to capture Rikers Island prison's poor security system on camera, Peter instead captured a break-out by the Grey Gargoyle, Jonas Harrow, and an unknown third member. However, Peter got himself caught by the guards and was detained for trespassing.

The next day, Armand DuBroth testified in court that Peter was also secretly breaking prisoners out of Rikers, causing Peter to be held for trial at a bail of fifty-thousand dollars. Yet, May Parker was able to pay it in full thanks to the support of her friends at the nursing home. She didn't even bear any doubt over Peter's innocence.

Changing into his duds, Spider-Man returned to Rikers in hope of finding some evidence to proved to the court he was innocent. There, he stumbled onto the Grey Gargoyle and Jonas Harrow once again, and decided to follow them.

The villains led Spider-Man to a pawn shop, where the camera carrying the evidence had ended up due to a theft by a Rikers Island janitor. Even though Spider-Man managed to take both villains down, Harlow smashed the camera before our hero could stop him. Yet, the pawn shop owner frantically returned to the scene and claimed that he had removed the film beforehand, allowing Spider-Man to secure the evidence to clear Peter Parker's name.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Fantastic Four In "Wonders Of Nature"

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