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This page is for the original Robotman, Robert Crane.

For the current Robotman, see: Cliff Steele.


Crane worked for years on a perfect mechanical body that could sustain a human brain. After being shot by some criminals who were trying to steel the robot body, his assistant Paul Dennis put Crane's brain into the robot body. Dennis, with the aid of a life-like mask, posed as Crane in civilian life while Robert took an identity of Paul Dennis. During World War II, he would join the All-Star Squadron and fought crime alongside his robotic dog, Robbie the Robotdog.


Robotman was created by Jerry Siegel and Leo Nowak. He first appeared in Star Spangled Comics #7.

Character Evolution

Golden Age

Robotman I (Golden Age)

In 1951, Crane, along with the Red Torpedo and the first Doctor Mid-Nite, helped create a new champion for Opal City. Doctor Mid-Nite spent half a year as the new Starman, before David Knight arrived from the future and took up the mantle. Two years later, in 1953, whilst on the trail of crimeboss Alvyn Lashky, Robotman becomes trapped in a mine. Decades later, after his robotic body completes an automatic self repair circuit, Robotman rises again, to capture Lashky. After that, he discovers that his lab assistant Charles Grayson had died of a degenerative brain disease. The disease left his other tissue untouched, so Grayson had had his body cryogenically frozen. Crane had his brain implanted in Grayson's body. Parts of his old robotic body were given to Pat Dugan to use in upgrading his S.T.R.I.P.E. suit.

Major Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

Other Versions

Golden Age

In this timeline, Robert Crane has lost touch with his human side, living in a warehouse and shutting down when not in use. He has become more violent than before, putting little value on human life. When Mr. America approaches him, he joins him. Robotman becomes hailed as a hero. In the final battle, wherein it is revealed Thompson died overseas and had his brain replaced with the Ultra Humanite's, and that Dynaman has Hitler's brain, Robotman says he doesn't care and kills Miss America. Hourman rips off Robotman's arm after this, and tells the public the shocking discovery. Tigress and Captain Triumph approach him, and Triumph kills him by taking an arrow from the Tigress and pushing it through Robotman's head. Robotman explodes and fatally injures Triumph.


Robert Crane (Flashpoint)

In the alternate timeline of Flashpoint, Robert Crane never became the Robotman in World War II. Instead, he is a government agent who gives the task to shut down the Project M which included Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown.

Other Media

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